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EBO Virtual Agents have been built to help healthcare organisations with:

Patient service:

Data collection and responses to frequently asked questions:

Help customers book or change their appointments, and keep them updated through automated, AI-based conversations

Cut the amount of time patients and your staff spend on calls - always be open for your patients 24/7 365 on any channel

Create a better healthcare experience, after-all the more your patient is invested in their own healthcare, the better the health outcomes

Always collect data, understand what questions your patients are asking and have refined natural language responses for FAQs around admissions and discharge

Use data to improve operations and develop new patient-centric solutions

Allow customers to interact 24/7 on their messaging platform of choice thus reducing the friction of the communication pathway

How EBO Virtual Agents work


Our Virtual Agents works across all your chosen channels, be that your Facebook or Twitter page, website or even Facebook Messenger


Our Virtual Agents works within strict parameters. EBO’s powerful AI engine and Natural Language Processing can understand patient questions, sentiment and instantly works out how to respond with the relevant information.


Our Virtual Agents integrates with the most common Patient Admission Systems (PAS) allowing all patient data to be securely synchronised.


If our Virtual Agents struggles to answer a patient’s question, the VA knows when to escalate the patient to a real support staff member, and is able to pass on a complete history of the conversation


VA-DNA enables patient support teams to better manage the influx of patient enquiries and appointment bookings.

What the VA-DNA helps your team with:

End-to-end appointment handling in AI-driven natural language

Electronic appointments confirmation letters





Verification management (DNAs) 

Intelligent clinic cancellation

Waiting list management

Staff alerts and notifications

Auto-handover to your staff when VA-DNA is unable to manage the conversation

Auto discharge follow-ups

Read our use-cases and case studies to see exactly how AI can work for you!


60-80% of inbound traffic to your patient support team are centred around the same recurrent questions. We’ve built VA-Engage to help your patient support teams better manage the influx of patient enquiries.

The Product

24/7 cover

With not a single sick day a year. Always be there for your patients when they need you.

Multi-language support

Chat in multiple languages, meaning the majority of your patients are automatically covered.

Obtain new customer data points

Throughout the natural conversation managed by VA-Engage.


with your hospital’s Patient Admission System (PAS) and/or Electronic Patient Records (EPR) system to ensure all your data is synchronised on the main platform.

Key Benefits:

Boost your patient satisfaction

Increase your employee productivity

Cut running costs

Reduce the costs of a large patient support team by 50-80% (depending on your requirements)

By 30-50%, helping your own Net Promoter Score

Let them see only the conversations which need an action whilst remaining available 24/7 to your patients

What Our Clients Say

Maria Bugeja

CEO Saint James Hospital Group

"It's clear that digital innovation is changing our industry. AI will play a crucial role in ensuring we meet the needs of our patients by providing exceptional experience in all aspects of care during each patient interaction. We've chosen to work with EBO.ai to build our automation strategy and provide patients with tailored communication while improving the efficiency of our processes"

We Play Nice

EBO is CRM/ERP system agnostic - we can work with whatever tools you are using

Capture a global audience with a robust infrastructure that uses latest AI technology.

Our systems work within regulatory constraints to ensure you don't stop growing.

Works with all internal systems, including self-built solutions to complement growth.

Improve Sales, lead-management and reduction churn through real-time dialogues and predictive models.

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