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Past Events and Webinars

EBO is participating in the Malta Consumer Trends event 2024

14th March 2024

Join EBO at the Hett North Event 2024

28th February 2024

Utilising technology to drive efficiency in social care

28th February 2024

EBO at the Deloitte Annual Forum 2024

19th January 2024

AI: Unlocking Human Capital Efficiency While Mitigating Bias Risks

8th November 2023

Safeguarding in the Age of AI

14th September 2023

The Intelligent Patient Portal – A Remarkable Solution

11th October 2023

Embrace AI: Boost your Business

23rd June 2023

Outpatients Transformation and Automation – How to Deliver Personalised Care whilst Delivering Transformation.

7th June 2023

Interactive voice bots, sentiment and keeping the 61%.

18th May 2023

Is AI the key to unlocking the digital potential for patient-led healthcare?

14th June 2023

AI technology: is it the new patient source to go to for information

27th April 2023

AI: Threat, Opportunity or Both?

26th April 2023

NHS RPA Live North: The Time for Change

9th March 2023

EBO at the CITEA – Digital Cyprus Conference 2022

4th October 2022

EBO at the HETT Digital Academy Leadership Summit 2022

23rd November 2022

EBO at the Convenzis Outpatient Transformation Conference 2022 Virtual

24th November 2022

EBO at Med-Tech World

17th November 2022

Exclusive Forex Roundtable Event

1st June 2022

FOREX AI Automated Customer Engagement Live Demo

31st December 2021

Increasing Efficiency in Healthcare Administration

30th March 2021

Automating Healthcare Administration Through AI

26th May 2021

Automating TELCO Customer Service through AI

3rd June 2021

FOREX Customer Engagement Automation Through AI

29th April 2021

HETT: Roundtable | Conversational AI: Automate Patient Facing Admin Processes and Build Workforce Capacity

27th September 2022

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