Take Player Engagement to the Next Level

Power millions of interactions a day using AI, and connect with your players on a new level
Artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry | EBO

Automate iGaming customer engagement

Get access to proven AI strategies that enable you to use Conversational AI solutions and empower you to hold thousands of conversations with your players, daily. Through our partnership with industry leader BMIT, we’ll deliver your AI Virtual Agent with personality capabilities and languages your players speak.
Automate customer engagement with AI | Artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry | EBO
  • 1. Clients send a request
  • 2. Virtual Agent picks up a conversation and responds with empathy
  • 3. It then connects to your internal systems to extract any meaningful data
  • 4. Virtual Agent successfully gives your client the information they need



Response time


Customer service AI Virtual Agent will answer all FAQs 24/7, including questions about bonuses, KYC and transferring funds


Average recognition rate


Average resolution time

Is it time to automate player experiences?

Online gaming companies have unique challenges, especially when it comes to customer support. Customers expect prompt and effective assistance. Particularly when dealing with sensitive information, like during the KYC process or handling the transferring of funds. It’s important to be there for them when they need you most.
Client onboarding

Difficulty tackling industry-wide problems, like KYC, fraud, onboarding and engagement. Poor onboarding leads to a high number of drop-offs

Bottom-line numbers

High costs as a result of increasing manpower to handle large onboarding drop-offs, because of long waits and challenges with KYC verification

Gaming responsibly

The burden of fulfilling compliance for gaming companies grows and in turn, becomes more expensive and time-consuming

Repetitive questions

Customer support agents are spending too much time answering the same questions when it comes to KYC, transferring funds or bonuses

Not enough data

Inability to personalise due to a lack of data and analytics. Missing tools and resources that work across all social channels, websites or apps

Inefficient cross-selling

Current solutions and tools aren’t maximising opportunities to cross-sell to customers based on their preferences

Je ne sais pas

The challenge of finding an array of customer support agents who speak the international languages of your players

Inability to scale at will

Difficult scaling for one-off events, like sporting tournaments. Having to hire temporary staff for such short time-frames

Features that make an impact

Fully support your players

86 languages and a Virtual Agent that’s there 24/7, 365 days a year. Always be there for your customers whenever they need you most, and speak their language.

support your igaming players with AI in iGaming | EBO
Artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry powered by EBO

End-to-end coverage

We provide the full set of deliverables, including dialogue design, that will make your project pain-free. Our solution works with all internal systems, including self-built solutions.

Artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry powered by EBO

Compliance Ready

Protect vulnerable customers. Our responsible gaming solution is compliance-ready and triggers workflows to immediately ban or act on any flagged data point.

Complance ready | Artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry | EBO
Scale your iGaming business with EBO | AI in iGaming

Infinitely scalable

Your Virtual Agent will be there when you need to scale quickly for one-off events, like tournaments. Handling onboarding, KYC and other recurrent questions.

Scale your iGaming business with EBO | AI in iGaming


Working across all channels, your Virtual Agent is always evolving using AI and Natural Language Processing to talk with the customer and take care of their requests.

Artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry | EBO
Crucial data collection | Artificial intelligence in iGaming

Crucial data collection

Integrate your marketing channels, and even apps, into your platform and start collecting vital data that allows you to improve the personalisation for cross-selling.

Crucial data collection | Artificial intelligence in iGaming

You’ll love the results

Increase productivity

Let Virtual Agents handle repetitive tasks. When customers need more information, they will then hand them over to your employees

Cut running costs

Implementing Virtual Agents, online gaming companies are able to reduce churn by 50% and see ROI at around 3-5 months

Customer satisfaction

Similar to financial services, online gaming companies can see a boost in customer satisfaction by 30-50%, improving NPS

Boost sales

Increase productivity and improve sales through real-time and predictive dialogues, in the language your players speak

Reimagine onboarding

Reduce friction during KYC verification. Get customers gaming quickly with a process that’s in line with compliance regimes

Stay compliant

EBO is system-agnostic and compliance-ready. Capture global audiences with a robust infrastructure that uses the latest AI tech

Invest in advanced iGaming AI solutions today

What our clients are saying about our AI solutions.

We love the results! As a data-first company, working with our Virtual Agent Claire has helped us increase productivity, cut running costs and achieve positive levels of customer satisfaction. We have reduced customers’ waiting time and automated entire workflows to provide a quick resolution to specific customer queries.  
Dalia Pecingina
Head of CX at StanleyBet Group

EBO is facilitating us with additional artificial resources which enable us to use our time in a better way. The dedication and professionalism during the project were outstanding and those are the key for a successful cooperation.

Tal Zamstein
CEO at Rabbit Entertainment