Grow Telco Market Share with an AI Virtual Agent

The modern consumer doesn’t wait on a business. 42% of customers will abandon an online transaction if they don’t get a lightning-fast response. With a Virtual Agent, you can gather more leads, upsell, automate processes and concentrate resources on scaling your business, instead of de-escalating repetitive customer problems. Have you considered letting your customers help themselves?
Grow Telco Market Share with an AI in Telco

Customers want simplicity

Customer engagement automation, in a conversation-heavy industry like telecommunications, can free up resources that should be spent on analysing results, researching customer pain points or sales initiatives. Instead of an army of employees, you can lead a team of highly efficient specialists with one automation tool. Your Virtual Agent will be the first responder to all inbound actions, and your customers won’t even notice. So, how does a Virtual Agent work?
customer engagement automation with AI in telco | EBO

  • 1. Customer messages your company 

  • 2. The Virtual Agent interprets the query

  • 3. A connection with your back office is established to retrieve data

  • 4. Virtual agent provides a customer response in real time and tracks customer's sentiment

  • 5. Your Virtual Agent learns more with each interaction

Figures proving a point


Billing & Fault Report Queries Answered


Response Time


Satisfaction Rate


Recognition Rate

Customer Engagement is full of… surprises

Identifying all key pain points when crafting process automation is nearly impossible without the insight to understand the scale of a Telco organisation. In which areas can an AI Virtual Agent pick up, where a more analogue approach tends to fail?
“Please hold… ♩♩♩”

Nobody likes to hold. Everybody wants a response asap, best if handled by one person - even the best music won’t change customer attitudes after a few minutes wait

Repetitive queries

When up to 80% of call centre queries are focused on the same issues (generally billing charges, WiFi issues, IPTV and other faults), it’s best to automate and save thousands of man-hours each month

Up-sell, cross-sell, down-sell

Not everybody can squeeze in the right sales pitch, with the right product to the right customer - and monitoring sales initiatives is a very tough task

Inability to scale fast

Customer support business unit fluctuation is difficult to align with dynamic P&L results

Documenting issues

Commercial BMPNs anticipate bottlenecks, redirect critical tasks to appropriate employees or teams - often the accumulated data isn’t used to optimise processes, creating enormous backlogs

¿habla español?

Jumping from language to language whilst fully comprehending a customer’s requests is challenging - and the cost of a multilingual customer support team is no joke

What do Telcos gain with Virtual Agents?

LTV improvement

When customer problems are quickly resolved, their Lifetime Value (LTV) increases - and the solutions can be escalated by Virtual Agents to similar cases, each and every time.

LTV improvement | AI in telco | EBO
Reducing customer service cost with AI in telco | EBO

Reducing customer service costs

Losing clients to poor customer service, employee burnout, training, HR management - costs which can be reduced by 50-80% with one Virtual Agent.

Reducing customer service cost with AI in telco | EBO

Boosting revenue systematically

Automating end-to-end processes, promoting up-selling on each (possible) step, and reducing the overall number of calls and online dropouts is a systematic approach to increasing income.

Boost your revenue with AI in telco
Encourage customers to upgrade with AI in telco

Purchase add-ons

Based on mapped sentiment and what they’ve learned from past experiences, Virtual Agents guide customers through a tailored product selection that encourages them to upgrade.

Encourage customers to upgrade with AI in telco

Presence on customer platforms

Give your customers the freedom to approach your business via channels of their choice - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WebChat or Telegram.

artificial intelligence in the telco industry | EBO
Telco virtual assistants | AI In telco

Billing assistant

The topic of explaining bills is a repetitive process - Telco Virtual Agents put an emphasis on optimising this process and providing satisfactory responses to customers.

Telco virtual assistants | AI In telco

Results? No more busy signals

One size fits all (customer support areas)

Customers no longer need to migrate from telephone to website to email to resolve their issues. This multichannel approach brings products and services closer to end-users

Satisfied customers = client retention

Quicker solutions that can be scaled to other conversations increase customer satisfaction & retention while suppressing attrition

Obtain new customer data points

Studying your customers, especially in an enterprise-grade industry like telecommunications, involves huge amounts of customer data - your Virtual Agent manages it all

Nothing changes and… everything changes

EBO Virtual Agents are designed to continuously learn how to be better with each laid out task - the efficiency is powered by Machine Learning

Escalating critical matters to humans

Virtual Agents analyse customer sentiment, frustration, satisfaction - if a critical level is noted, the conversation will seamlessly be handed over to a human agent

Perfect first impressions each time

Your Virtual Agent will be the first point of contact. Based on the initial message, it will craft a real-time response, and with each “first time”, will learn how to improve its responses

Automate up to 80% of your inbound requests

Wobbly wifi? Email configuration issues? More time and resources can be allocated to other critical areas of your business units, rather than managing repetitive customer service queries

Why Telecoms chose EBO Virtual Agents

Real-life instances are the best examples.

A modern telco looks for AI that…understands the customers to the point that it’s able to predict what they are about to ask. Secondly, that the data provided allows us to learn from each interaction. And thirdly, that it speaks to our customers in a natural way that doesn’t sound robotic at all.
Karl Galea
CMO at Epic (EBO Webinar, 3rd June 2021)

Covid helped us. It helped us to develop a global understanding that people are not willing to come to the shop anymore. So, we created a process that is super sound, super safe, super digital and of course Covid friendly, and customers love it.

Antonio Ivancovic
CCO at Go (EBO Webinar, 3rd June 2021)

What I love most about Virtual Agents… (they) don’t have bad days, so you get that smooth experience. Also, they don’t get tired and they are there for your customers 24/7.

Margarita Areteou
SMB Lead at Gr/Cy/MT, Microsoft (EBO Webinar, 3rd June 2021)