Human conversations, automated

Fast-growing companies run into the same customer service problems. Staff turnover, training challenges and inability to scale.

Good news - EBO, solves them!

Perfect for the financial and healthcare sectors

As seen in

Companies switch to EBO when they
need to scale-up their results

customer engagement

reduction in customer calls

x 1.5
in cross-selling services

A better way to acquire, engage and retain customers

Acquire more customers

Outperform companies who have slow and outdated manual on-boarding processes

With EBO you will:

  • Qualify the right customers

  • Capture the right data from the start

  • Shorten your onboarding process

Acquire more customers illustration

Engage better

Meet your customers where they are, 24/7.

With EBO you get:

  • Move away from forms and instead create a more human experience

  • Route conversations to your call-centre only when it’s necessary

  • Have conversations when it's convenient for the customer – on any channel

Engage better illustration

Retain your users

Traditional marketing isn’t scalable and doesn’t engage with customers

With EBO you get:

  • Learn more about your customers

  • Delight users with personalised offers, content and actions, increasing customer LTV

  • Gain data-driven insights that will help you design better products and services for your audience

Retain your users illustration


Emma (the AI deployment for MAPFRE) handles conversations on Facebook Messenger and webchat. She handles repetitive queries which had been slowing down the customer-service team. Now human agents focus on value-added activities.

MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. is the leading insurance company in Malta and a member of the MAPFRE group. MAPFRE is a major player on the global insurance market with interests spread across five continents, and one of the fastest growing insurance groups in Spain and South America.

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AI is trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses

“Executives are becoming aware of what is at stake: our survey research shows that 45 percent of executives who have yet to invest in AI fear falling behind competitively.”

“By 2020, organizations in cognitive and AI projects will achieve 4x long-term success than others”

“Revenue performance leaders are embracing AI to their advantage, while others run the risk of falling further behind.”

“Deep learning pioneer Andrew Ng recently said, “AI is the new electricity,” meaning that it will be found everywhere and create new jobs that weren’t imaginable before its appearance.”

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