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We power customer engagement with bespoke AI technology. We love what we do and so will your customers.
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Simplify and automate your customer engagement processes

Dealing with rising customer expectations is an expensive and time-consuming job. Usually distributed amongst many employees, who often don’t take ROI into consideration. EBO’s AI helps businesses tackle precisely those challenges.

Industries powered by EBO’s AI

EBO’s AI supports various industries, offering the platform and tools needed for exceptional customer engagement. We automate key processes to optimise specific services and increase customer satisfaction.


Ensure a personal approach to every customer at every touchpoint - making your banking experience available days a year…



Insurance companies struggle to meet digital-savvy customer expectations AI can improve all customer journeys shape processes help clients manage their policies…



In a conversation-heavy industry like telecommunications Virtual Agents can instantly free up resources that should be spent on driving sales Find out how…


Financial Services

Learn how Financial Institutions are using AI to save - a year on Customer Support team costs…



Learn how Financial Institutions are using AI to save - a year on Customer Support team costs…



Read how Gaming companies are cutting their costs by up using AI technology…



Learn how the Healthcare industry is transforming patient services using AI Learn how the Healthcare industry is transforming patient services using AI…


Signs that your customer engagement needs an upgrade

Customer satisfaction vs ROI

Customers being put on hold, stuck in drawn-out processes, and hefty documentation are only a few reasons customer satisfaction decreases and customers drop out of your sales funnel. Without proper ROI measurement, it’s difficult to pinpoint the moment where things went wrong

Context, context, context

Each customer message holds many stimuli which should be analysed, interpreted and addressed. Responses should be engaging and precise, converting each conversation into a business opportunity

Increasing customer service expenses

With growing numbers of customers and/or services, the volume of conversations increases. Scaling businesses involves recruitment, processing employees, and managing changes in teams. The cost of an employee is much more than just the contract

Customer journey design & development

Plan your customer’s digital experience, and map which solutions influence customer satisfaction. Business development should be an endless, self-propelling process, allowing you to apply the best solutions to other areas of your business

Repetitive enquiries, missed calls, no-shows

60-80% of inbound enquiries are repetitive. Customers don’t show up, respond to follow-ups, or forget to cancel. It’s a challenge to manage complexity, especially in an ever-changing healthcare scenario

Omnichannel experiences

Being present on platforms your customers already use is key to providing a digital experience in the environment where they feel most comfortable. Forcing them out of their comfort zone is in no one's best interest

Data collection vs lost opportunities

Everybody gathers data, but few organisations translate it into valuable information that drives business development processes. Each message, its context evaluated, can be the missing piece to a better, more personalised digital experience

Why automate customer engagement with AI?

It’s the perfect solution for maintaining a high level of customer engagement 24/7, all year-’round. With EBO’s AI, each conversation reveals its potential for cutting costs, upselling, and building consumer insights.

Meet your customer’s needs, one conversation at a time

Virtual Assistant | Automate customer engagement with AI

Each message from your customer carries valuable information. Take advantage of that data and with the help of our AI, build unique customer journeys that hit the spot when it comes to customer satisfaction

What drives EBO?

In contrast to human agents Virtual Agents don’t succumb to burn-out, don’t take PTO and execute business objectives linearly - applying all available resources, insight and best practices to every experience

EBO creates highly customisable Virtual Assistants

The platform behind it all

Benefit from end-to-end services for enterprises that drive customer engagement using your data and the power of AI. Optimise processes, stay compliant and offer your customers an omnichannel experience.

AI Virtual Assistant automates customer engagement

Convert customer engagement into service satisfaction with AI automation

We provide enterprise clients with an intelligent communication enabler. Covering end-to-end processes that resolve customer issues in real-time.
EBO | Virtual Assistant | Artificial intelligence companies
EBO's Virtual Assistant automates customer service

Scale at your rhythm and allow EBO’s AI to drive process optimisation

By integrating various front-end channels, and providing an omnichannel experience, your customers can choose how to engage with your services - and receive the exact same, enterprise-level service they deserve.

Experience enterprise-grade security and privacy of your customer’s data

Our motto is “privacy by default” because of our approach to managing data. Independently, whichever market your business services, our platform and infrastructure will be compliant with regulations and required standards. From GDPR in the EU to HIPAA in the USA.
Automating customer service with EBO AI Virtual Assistant

Discover the AI-powered platform by EBO

Endorsements for EBO

Virtual Agents help businesses drive conversations. Here are a few words from our clients on their experience with our solution.

EBO is a fantastic supplier to work with, they are hands-on and very supportive. They become part of the project team and take on activities to ensure tasks are completed on time. I have really enjoyed working with EBO. They are a pleasure to work with. No problem or question was ever too much. They were very patient and responsive to all queries. They take their time to talk through the solution and actively work with you to find solutions to workflows that fit our 
organisation’s needs.
Pam Pahal
ICS and PCN Digital Transformation Programme Lead at Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

At APS Bank, improving the customers’ journeys is integral to the success of our business strategy. We’ve been by our customers’ side since our foundation in 1910, and the project with EBO has allowed us to leverage the power of AI, in keeping with our mission, to make the banking experience simpler and more personal. Our customer-first approach, coupled with EBO’s wealth of knowledge in customer engagement automation, enabled the Bank to offer 24×7 assistance on our recently relaunched website. APS Bank’s Digital Innovation and Voice of the Customer Teams worked as one with EBO to reach our business goals with a strong focus on secure technology deployment and excellence in data science, while enriching our customers’ experience.

Daniel Cassar
Head of Project Delivery and Digital Innovation at APS Bank

If a solution like EBO is implemented across the NHS, it can revolutionise access to maternity care for the majority of service users. The point is to release capacity in Health systems by using innovation and technology that supports that.

Charlotte Clayton
Clinical Academic Doctoral Midwife at RM Princess Anne Hospital, University Hospital Southampton

At GasanMamo, we’ve been in business for over 70 years. In this period, we’ve seen the rise of many exciting new technologies that are aligned to our core belief: that of constant improvement. However, none of these have been as radically transformative as Artificial Intelligence and automation. We believe that AI will provide a better service to support our customers and will transform the digital journey they will take with us. We’ve chosen EBO as the solution provider to help us with this next step.

Mark Mamo
General Manager at GasanMamo Insurance

Working with EBO is like ‘a breath of fresh air’. They have a deep-seated ‘can-do’ ethos to delivering successful solutions and our collaboration functions as a true partnership. The EBO Virtual Assistant is a new technology for us with great potential as it integrates directly with our Electronic Patient Record. We initiated a pilot with EBO on e-Consent and are already lined up for rolling out pre-assessment and appointment modules.

Andy l’Anson
IT Programme Manager at Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

The experience of working with EBO on our Virtual Assistant has been very positive. EBO and Servelec listened to our feedback and helped design AI solutions that benefit our patients by providing an alternative way they interact with the trust.

James Mariott
Digital Change Manager at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

I think where we really found the stress is on the admin. A lot of our service users are calling us, which means that our lines are continuously busy and admins miss some of the calls, as they are on the phone with another service user at the time. It means that people are trying to get in contact till the late evening when the services are closed. It really opened up our eyes to see that there are other ways our clients can communicate with us and there are other ways that we can communicate with the clients. It actually works for them.

Shona Richards
Digital Transformation Project Manager at East London NHS Foundation Trust

Our booking officers absolutely love our Virtual Assistant Alex, since it does the legwork and they can focus on the patient. Over the last six months, Alex has helped save 24 hours of staff time every week. Our callers come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, so we worked with our communication to make sure Alex understands all our patients and the different ways they communicate.

Kim Hale
Digital Change Lead at Somerset NHS FT

EBO is a trusted partner of Microsoft, because a lot of what we see with thousands of customers that we work around the world is very much aligned with EBO’s mission and vision. They empower caregivers; they empower administrative staff, and they empower patients to have better access to information. 84% of Healthcare Executives believe that AI will revolutionise the way we obtain information.

Ruthy Kaidar
Director, Healthcare Industry Sector at Microsoft

We are at a pivotal moment in the banking sector. Digital banks are on the rise with savvy cross-platform services that challenge the nature of our industry. At BNF we pride ourselves in being adaptable and ambitious, we forge lasting relationships with customers through tailor-made products and services. Most importantly, we listen to their needs. We are investing in technology that helps us get closer to the community that we serve, offering improved customer experiences. We’ve chosen EBO as a partner to support our journey of incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our core business offering.

Mark Micallef
Chief Financial officer at BNF BANK

Insurance companies are at a pivotal stage of the industry’s development. AI technology is starting to disrupt the orthodox nature of business processes. MAPFRE Middlesea is a customer-centric organisation and we continually seek new and better ways to serve our customers. We’ve chosen EBO as a partner to help us adopt innovative technology that allows us to scale and deliver services more efficiently and effectively for our customers.

Peter Bugeja
Head of Technology Solutions & Digital at Mapfre

We love the results! As a data-first company, working with our Virtual Agent Claire has helped us increase productivity, cut running costs and achieve positive levels of customer satisfaction. We have reduced customers’ waiting time and automated entire workflows to provide a quick resolution to specific customer queries.


Dalia Pecingina
Head of CX at StanleyBet Group

It is indeed a pleasure to work hand-in-hand with EBO in developing our AI profile and competence. Apart from providing excellent technical expertise, EBO has consistently supported, trained, and maintained a close relationship with all of our team whilst overseeing the development, deployment, and successful marketing of our AI platform. Such support is unique and provides us with the confidence and motivation to further develop this exciting Artificial Intelligence revolution together with EBO, and be able to provide a holistic and efficient experience to our clients.

Jean Claude Muscat
CEO at Saint James Hospital Group

We have a growing backlog and we have patients whose conditions are just getting worse as their appointments are delayed. We have people in the community who cannot even get their first appointment, they cannot get diagnosed and they cannot receive early treatment. Covid has accelerated our adoption of virtual appointments and remote patient monitoring, so there is some efficiency gained there.

Jenny Chong
Associate Non-executive Director at Medway NHS Foundation Trust

“AI creates endless opportunities in customer experience optimisation. Our ongoing investment in technology is a strong differentiator within the mobility industry. This implementation lifts workload off our customer service centre, reduces the customer wait-time and provides a new touch-point with our clients. Booking a cab has never been easier, let alone more efficient.”

Matthew Bezzina
CEO at eCabs

EBO is facilitating us with additional artificial resources which enable us to use our time in a better way. The dedication and professionalism during the project were outstanding and those are the key for a successful cooperation.

Tal Zamstein
CEO at Rabbit Entertainment

A modern telco looks for AI that…understands the customers to the point that it’s able to predict what they are about to ask. Secondly, that the data provided allows us to learn from each interaction. And thirdly, that it speaks to our customers in a natural way that doesn’t sound robotic at all.

Karl Galea
CMO at Epic (EBO Webinar, 3rd June 2021)

Covid helped us. It helped us to develop a global understanding that people are not willing to come to the shop anymore. So, we created a process that is super sound, super safe, super digital and of course Covid friendly, and customers love it.

Antonio Ivancovic
CCO at Go (EBO Webinar, 3rd June 2021)

What I love most about Virtual Agents… (they) don’t have bad days, so you get that smooth experience. Also, they don’t get tired and they are there for your customers 24/7.

Margarita Areteou
SMB Lead at Gr/Cy/MT, Microsoft (EBO Webinar, 3rd June 2021)

It is a lot of pressure to give the customer enough information as quickly as possible. I can see the advantage of the Virtual Agent: if it is a standard question it is good to have an answer ready in hand. The faster we get information to them, the more likely they are to continue with their application form or trading. It also puts us in a good light.

Milica Nikolic (EBO Forex Webinar, June 2021)
Director at FxView

Virtual Agents save the one thing that nobody has anymore – time. And time is money. This is how we can help our Forex customers to be more agile, save money and be more profitable.

Paris Savva
at Microsoft

For us, an ideal solution is a hybrid model. We still would like to have human interaction when our customers can pick up the phone and call, but we also believe that Virtual Agents can be very helpful. They can facilitate specific issues and make response times faster.

Anna Ilukhina (EBO Forex Webinar, July 2021)
CMO at Orbex

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