Our live, personalised FOREX AI Automated Customer Engagement demo will guide you towards a better understanding of how EBO can help you benefit from Virtual Agents. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence is limitless! Forex service providers are under increased pressure from new competition, expanding regulatory requirements, rising costs and ever more demanding clients.

ebo icon black smallEBO helps you get closer to your customers by delivering exceptional conversations. At EBO, we automate human conversations, at scale.
ebo icon black smallEBO’s AI solution automates up to 80% of your repetitive support requests, freeing your agents to focus on higher-value work. EBO offers world-class customer service automation.

Benefit from FOREX AI Automated Customer Engagement

Automating customer engagement with AI will improve your capacity to handle increasing customer queries while saving you valuable resources. Our VA’s are indistinguishable from human agents – they continuously evolve with each customer interaction.

Quick Set-up
Customer Automation can be integrated and launched within weeks

Global language agnostic
Launch Customer Automation in multiple languages

Seamless Integration
Integrates seamlessly with backend API’s within your own systems

Data Security
Keeps customer data safe by fulfilling security requirements

EBO is trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses – it’s time to learn how you can leverage the power FOREX AI Automated Customer Engagement to grow your business effectively and efficiently!

Our Virtual Agents become the first point of contact.
Our Virtual Agents will deal with surges in inquiries with ease.
Be where your customers are 24/7 across any messaging channel.

Why consider AI Automated Customer Engagement? 

Continually improving customer service automation available 24/7 in 80+ languages
Provides contextual answers based on the customer’s data
Understands customer sentiment in the chat
Lowers costs and gives support staff more time to devote to high-value customers
Reduces staff boredom and burnout

About Our Solution

Kickstart your AI journey with EBO

Register for your FOREX AI Automated Customer Engagement live demo to;

  • scale and boost your Company’s results,  
  • improve overall customer satisfaction,
  • reduce customer calls,
  • decrease the customer care agent turnover rate and
  • gain data-driven insights that can be used to improve your products and services.

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