Ready to automate 80% of your customer support calls? Our webinars cover the key questions any Telco company needs answers for! The Automating TELCO Customer Service through AI webinar is part of a series of international events organised by AI-pioneer EBO.

Why should you attend?

ebo icon black smallWHY? TELCO’s 5 big challenges for the future
ebo icon black smallHOW? 4 strategies to improve customer experience in TELCO
ebo icon black smallWHAT? 2 key concepts to consider when researching what technology to use

All participants of this successful event about Automating TELCO Customer Service with AI are entitled to join a private LinkedIn network of like-minded professionals. This community allows participants to network in a private environment. Register to our webinar to receive further details!

AI automation transforms Telcos

This webinar will set you on the road to a world-class customer experience by helping you understand customers’ pain points and illustrating how our virtual agents can be a key tool in your customer service toolbox. Virtual assistants are set to cut business expenses by as much as $8 billion annually in 2022. They enable telco enterprises to automate repeat queries by assisting in tasks such as:

check markObtaining eligibility for discounts
check markResolving billing inquiries
check markUnderstanding errors in customers’ contracts
check markResolving upgrade and trade-in disputes
check markObtaining proof of address

Customer Service Automation

During our Interactive Workshop, we’ll present our custom solution, the EBO Virtual Agent, and we’ll show you WHY it is so effective and efficient.

customer service admin infographic

Level Up your Call Centre with AI

Register today and;

  • Benefit from the recent advances in AI and Natural language processing (NLP) in the world of Virtual Agents.
  • Discover the rapid ROI that is achievable and how we can help with a Business Case.

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Event Details

  • Location Valletta, Malta
  • Date 3rd June 2021
  • Start Time 11:00 CEST
  • End Time 13:00 CEST
  • Register

Event Speakers and Presenters

Antonio Ivankovic
Chief Commercial Officer, GO plc

Dr. Gege Gatt
CEO and Founder, EBO

Ieva Martinkenaite
VP, Analytics & AI, Telenor

John Deguara
Product Director, EBO

Karl Galea
Chief Marketing Officer, EPIC

Margarita Areteou
SMB Lead GR/CY/MT, Microsoft

Richard Doughty
Business Development Director, Cerillion