This webinar is part of a series of international events organised by Servelec with the support of AI-pioneer EBO and Centric Health Media. Automating Healthcare Administration through AI offers an Artificial Intelligence Handbook for Healthcare, a DEMO, Interactive Workshop, and ROI Calculator to help you automate health care administration.

Why you should attend

Our webinars cover the key questions any healthcare organization needs to have answers for:

ebo icon black smallBarriers to innovative technology
ebo icon black smallFragilities Exposed
ebo icon black smallResponse times
ebo icon black smallAdoption
ebo icon black smallResilience
ebo icon black smallInnovate, Implement, Iterate

All participants of this successful event are entitled to join a private LinkedIn network of like-minded professionals. This sharing community allows participants to network in a private environment. Register to our webinar to receive further details!

Customer service automation

During our Interactive Workshop, we will gladly present to you our custom solution developed specifically for Healthcare Organization, the EBO Healthcare Virtual Agent and we will show you WHY it is so effective and efficient

highlights of automating customer service

Innovate your Healthcare Organisation

Register today and;

  • Find out how to align your Digital roadmap to include automated Patient Engagement.
  • Discover how patient engagement automation will be a major way to relieve pressure on services in a post-COVID-19 world.
  • Benefit from the recent advances in AI and NLP in the world of Virtual Assistants.
  • Discover the rapid ROI that is achievable and how we can help with a Business Case.

Our previous event

During our Increasing Efficiency in Healthcare Administration event we talk about:

computer iconDigital strategy – Digital Leadership in COVID-19

How AI can help increase productivity and capacity, eliminate errors, improve operational and clinical efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

magnifier iconPatient-centric service

Using AI to remove the need for human intervention for repetitive tasks, can free staff capacity to address more complicated tasks increase focus on patient safety.

Paperless Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is burdened with a number of repetitive tasks, resulting in many processes being tedious and poorly delivered. AI can assist by automating some of these processes and improving quality and efficiencies.

Promote Patient Agency

AI provides patients with digital access to Healthcare and gives them the ability to manage their appointments and ask questions from the comfort of their home and at any time of the day. This reduces stress and promotes patient safety.

Interoperability – Breaking down barriers for AI in healthcare

The EBO Virtual Agent can be used on many channels (Webchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) and easily integrated into existing EPR or PAS.

Privacy Policy and Security

Healthcare organisations are in a vital position, as they handle a spectrum of data — from financial records and health insurance information to patient test results and biometric information. How VA’s are GDPR compliant.

Highlights from our last event


76% of NHS users would be more than willing to receive automated responses and reminders from a Virtual Assistant.

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Event Details

  • Location Online
  • Date 26th May 2021
  • Start Time 14:00 GMT
  • End Time 18:00 GMT
  • Register

Event Speakers and Presenters

Douglas Hamandishe
Moderator, Centric Health Media

Dr. Gege Gatt
CEO and Founder, EBO

Ganesh Sathyamoorthy
Assistant Director for Partnership, Applied Research Collaboration (ARC), Northwest London

John Deguara
Product Director, EBO

Lee Meredith
Head of Product, Servelec

Ruthy Kaidar
Director Health Industry Sector, Microsoft

Shona Richards
Digital Transformation Project Manager, ELFT