EBO Named Supplier on the NHS SBS Intelligent Automation Framework

EBO is pleased to announce it has recently been named as a supplier on the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Intelligent Automation framework agreement, representing a notable milestone in its journey towards shaping the landscape of healthcare and patient engagement. This designation acts as a recognition of EBO’s dedication to pioneering automation solutions. EBO’s technology not only elevates efficiency and productivity in healthcare but also cultivates significant growth in all NHS and public sector organisations across the United Kingdom. Learn more about the framework here. 

About NHS SBS  

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) was created in 2004 by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to deliver corporate services to the NHS.  NHS SBS, in collaboration with Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital services and software development, stands as an example of efficiency, streamlining corporate services for NHS employees, patients, and suppliers. 

EBO's Intelligent Automation 

Our inclusion in the NHS Shared Business Services' Intelligent Automation framework agreement further solidifies our commitment to delivering efficient processes and impactful implementations. For our valued clients, this translates into streamlined operations and the full advantages of procuring Intelligent Automation Services. At the core of this initiative lies EBO's Intelligent Automation – an AI technological solution designed to address critical challenges within the NHS. With patient communication processes often entailing significant repetitive tasks, consuming extensive man-hours monthly, EBO offers a more accessible and natural way for patients to interact with the NHS. By automating repetitive administrative tasks and streamlining processes, EBO’s AI makes patient journeys more convenient, efficient, and patient-centric. In turn, this alleviates the strain on the NHS workforce, allowing more attention to be directed towards patient care. The focus isn't merely on technology but on fostering meaningful conversations, understanding patient needs, and helping patients feel seen, heard, and informed.  EBO, has been accepted onto the highly coveted NHS Shared Business Services Intelligent Automation Framework for the following lots: 
Lot 1 - Intelligent Automation Services  Lot 2 - Intelligent Automation Software & Licencing  Lot 3 - Intelligent Automation as a Service IAaaS 

LOT 1 - Intelligent Automation Services

EBO's Offering:  

  • Digital Healthcare Transformation: EBO leads the way in integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with proprietary tooling, delivering intelligent automation to enhance patient experiences and improve scalability, security, and accuracy.
  • Discovery Services: Rooted in NHS process insights, EBO's discovery services enable clients to identify process improvements, deploying tailored solutions for interoperability, back-office efficiency, elevated patient experience, enhanced workforce satisfaction, and cost reduction.   

Supporting Technologies:    

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automating best practices to work seamlessly with existing systems
  • Virtual Assistants: Streamlining human-like engagement, freeing up staff for more complex requests.
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Automating the processing of unstructured data, reducing manual data entry. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Analyzing data for more informed decision-making.  

LOT 2 - Intelligent Automation Software & Licensing  

EBO's Offering:  

  • Off-the-Shelf Solution: EBO provides an off-the-shelf intelligent automation software solution designed for approved organizations to automate patient-facing and internal clinical administrative processes using conversational AI.
  • Healthcare-Focused: The solution is healthcare-focused, with accreditations and characteristics ensuring compliance with Data Security & GDPR, Clinical Safety, and deep domain expertise.  

Key Features:  

  • AI/ML-Based: Primarily AI/ML-based, utilizing components to mimic conversation through a chat interface across various channels. 
  • Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant accessible via multiple channels, using NLP and supervised machine learning for context and relevance. 
  • Integration Layers: Incorporating integration, workflow & business rules layers, and a business intelligence layer.
  • Use Cases: Handling various clinical administrative processes, reducing errors and improving efficiency.  

LOT 3 - Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS 

EBO's Offering:  

  • Outcome-Based Managed Service: EBO provides an outcome-based managed service for outsourcing intelligent automation needs, entirely focused on healthcare. 
  • Full-Service Package: Approved organizations can purchase all necessary components of a fully outsourced automation service, including people, process, and technology.  


  • AI/ML Components: Utilizing AI/ML components for conversation, integration, workflow & business rules, and business intelligence layers. 
  • Integration: Providing built-in integration to EPR/PAS & other third-party applications via open-APIs, HL7, and FHIR. 
  • Flexibility: Deployable both on premise and in the cloud, offering on-demand, scalable resources.  

What this means for EBO’s customers 

As an appointed supplier on the NHS SBS Intelligent Automation Framework, customers can benefit from:  
  • Free Access for Public Sector Organizations: The framework provides Public Sector organizations with free and inclusive access, streamlining the procurement process.
  • Expert Support: The NHS SBS Intelligent Automation Framework's dedicated team of category experts is readily available to assist both customers and suppliers, providing valuable support for any procurement inquiries.   
  • Diverse Range of Suppliers:  From SME specialists to global multi-national providers, the framework accommodates the diverse needs of a highly specialized marketplace.
  • Direct Award Capability: Organizations have the flexibility to directly award contracts to approved suppliers within the framework, streamlining the procurement process.  
  • Competitive Pricing and Savings: Public sector framework pricing is fixed, offering competitive rates for consultancy and assurance services. This ensures transparent and advantageous pricing structures.
  • OJEU Procurement Efficiency: A compliant procurement exercise has already been conducted, providing a simplified and efficient procurement route in a complex and crowded market.   
Start with EBO today. For a comprehensive understanding of how EBO's Intelligent Automation can specifically benefit your healthcare institution, please find more details here. 
Stella Polyzoidou