Whitepaper: Getting an AI Bot to Work for Your Airport



Read our latest Artificial Intelligence whitepaper: Getting an AI Bot to Work for Your Airport. It discusses the general state of AI adoption before delving into Airport specific use cases. Then it explains how AI bots can impact an Airport’s bottom line, after which taking a look at what the industry experts and researchers have to say.

Learn how AI bots can provide solutions to real-world business challenges, improve customer service, drive sustainable growth and reduce operational costs.

Research whitepaper about how AI bots are being used with a specific focus on the airport sector.

Table of Contents

  1. AI goes Mainstream
  2. The Opportunities are Endless
  3. Driving Value for Airports
  4. Thoughts from the Industry
  5. What does the Research Say?
  6. EBO

1. AI goes Mainstream

For many years there has been a great deal of interest in how AI can provide real-world benefits to organisations. However, it’s only recently that AI has begun to show its true value.

Over a variety of industries, AI technologies have provided cost-effective ways of boosting productivity, optimising yield, increasing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction. With AI having moved into the mainstream, many notable experts believe we are on the cusp of a major shift in how businesses operate. In February 2018 Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google asserted that “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than … electricity or fire”…

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Published March 2018

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