Ethical AI in iGaming

sigma podcast Gege Gatt
In the recent episode "The Future of AI, Ethics, and Gaming: Insight from Gege Gatt" on Sigma podcast, Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO, engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with Trevor De Giorgio, exploring the intricate connections between artificial intelligence (AI), ethics, and gaming. As the boundaries between technology and entertainment continue to blur, Gege shared some key insights on how ethical AI can level the playing field and tackle biases within the iGaming and fintech sectors. Here are the key points of their enlightening discussion.

Challenges in Customer Service

The conversation began with an exploration of how ethical AI can foster fairness and equity in the iGaming industry. Despite obstacles in integrating AI into customer service, Gege underscored the crucial need to establish trust in AI systems. To overcome these challenges, Gege emphasised the need to build trust through transparency and accountability. By advocating for diverse data sets, and promoting ethical frameworks in technology development, AI can earn the trust of users and revolutionise the iGaming industry.

Fairness and Bias-Free Decisions

Despite the demand for immediacy in service delivery, there exists a preference for human-to-human interaction, and Gege underscores the need to find a balance between technological advancements and human connection. Gatt emphasises two pivotal aspects: enhancing service quality and identifying vulnerable individuals for responsible gaming. In the iGaming industry, superior service translates to loyalty, retention, and ultimately, profits. Moreover, he underscores the potential of AI, informed by neuroscience, to identify individuals in need of psychological support, thereby fostering a safer iGaming environment. Ethical AI can make unbiased decisions irrespective of gender, political affiliation, or other demographic factors. "Addressing biases, promoting diverse datasets, and advocating for ethical frameworks are essential steps towards building trust in AI and ensuring equitable outcomes'', he explained.

Employability in the Next Two Decades

Dr. Gatt shared an insightful view on future job prospects in the iGaming industry. He pointed out that as AI continues to advance, rendering tasks previously performed by humans obsolete, the traditional markers of employability, such as school degrees, will diminish in significance. Instead, Gatt posited that adaptability and curiosity will become more crucial.

AI Projections for 2024

Gege brought attention to a compelling forecast:  by the end of 2024, AI will reach a whole new level of capability, surpassing anything we've seen before. This leap forward signifies a monumental stride toward AI becoming more human-like than ever. Yet, despite this rapid progress, there's a common problem among us humans: complacency. Watch Gege provide an example in the video below:

The Power of the Three C's

The World Economic Forum predicts a significant surge of 97 million new jobs by the end of 2025, primarily influenced by AI-driven changes. This forecast raises a crucial question: how should educational policies adapt? Dr. Gatt proposes an insightful perspective. While AI excels in information retrieval, its limitations in navigating complex social interactions underscore the need to prioritise what Gatt refers to as the "three C's" concepts. Firstly, fostering communication skills imbued with empathy and emotional intelligence is key. Secondly, nurturing creativity becomes essential, as human ingenuity remains unmatched by AI in certain realms. Finally, instilling a sense of community reinforces the notion of collective strength, reminding us that unity leverages diverse assets for shared prosperity.
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Stella Polyzoidou