Celebrating EBO’s Female Leaders on International Women’s Day


As a leader in customer engagement automation, EBO redefines how enterprises interact with their customers. By integrating AI technology, Big Data, and Machine Learning, we empower businesses to excel in customer engagement. Our mission is simple: to enhance customer relationships through exceptional conversations. At EBO, we’ve developed a cutting-edge natural language platform fueled by innovative AI technology, facilitating truly human interactions tailored to specific industries.

At the heart of our success are the remarkable women who contribute their expertise and passion to our team. This International Women’s Day, we celebrate their invaluable contributions. We’ve asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves. Keep reading to discover more as they delve into their roles at EBO and offer valuable advice to women in the tech industry.

Alexandra Micallef

Product Director


What is your role at EBO? Overseeing the correct prioritisation of the Product Roadmap, assessing the likelihood of development cycle success by aligning with product goals and strategic vision, and strategising for continued growth towards these goals.

A fun fact about you: A good day starts with coffee, but a perfect day ends with a ballet class. 

Your advice to future women in tech:  Stay curious! Learn to have fun by working hard to stay present, know more, and grow more each day!

Christine Swain

Chief Clinical Officer  


What is your role at EBO? I work in partnership with our healthcare clients, our EBO delivery team and product lead to help clients achieve the benefits they seek for their patients. 

A fun fact about you: I have an identical twin sister so I have my very own doppelganger. We spent our childhood playing pranks on everyone.

Your advice to future women in tech: Tech is not just for techies, there are a lot of other roles that do not require a technical background. I’d encourage clinicians to get more involved in tech projects no matter how big or small.

Anabelle Gatt 

Head of Human Language Technology  

What is your role at EBO? I’m overseeing the implementation of language models and conversational delivery. 

A fun fact about you: Love baking!

Ani Hakobyan 

Quality Assurance Team Lead 

What is your role at EBO? I have been working at EBO since 2021 as Lead QA. 

A fun fact about you:  If there is a bug I need to replicate it, otherwise it will follow me in my dreams  

Your advice to future women in tech: Never underestimate yourself, even if you do not have a technical background there is always a chance to become a key specialist.

Alice Fusai  

Conversation Design Specialist   


What is your role at EBO? I’m crafting the dialogs for our Virtual Assistants (VAs).

A fun fact about you: I go trekking in the mountains whenever I can!

Annalise Duca 

Conversation Designer

What is your role at EBO? Apart from designing dialogs, I collaborate closely with the Product Owner to enhance our product by integrating features that optimise conversation quality and user experience.

A fun fact about you: I might be short, but my shoe size is big. I enjoy doing a lot of things, but only if I am in the mood for them. 

Your advice to future women in tech:  Just go for it, there are many sectors one can choose from. After all, if we let men design all the tools/products, they wouldn’t be good for us!

Christine Gauci  

Financial Accountant    


What is your role at EBO? I’m the Financial Accountant of EBO and handle the day-to-day tasks in the accounting department

A fun fact about you: I love photography and scrapbooking!

Katerina Houdalaki  

Conversation Designer


What is your role at EBO? I am a Conversation Designer: my job is to ensure that our Virtual Assistants sound as human-like as possible and offer a seamless conversation experience to our users.

A fun fact about you: I love learning about different cultures,  and since I joined EBO I have been working with colleagues with diverse backgrounds. Now I know where I can find the best gelato in Milan or how to introduce myself in Maltese!

Nichola Portelli  

Operations & Finance Manager

What is your role at EBO?  I’m the Operations and Finance Manager – I prepare financial data to take operational and strategic decisions.  

A fun fact about you: I’m obsessed with handbags and outfit styling. 

Your advice to future women in tech:Dream big and achieve your dream by taking little consistent steps! 

Nikki Schinas 

Head of Marketing Communications  


What is your role at EBO? My role involves getting EBO out there to the right audience at the right time. 

A fun fact about you: One of my greatest joys in life is buying/ choosing gifts for other people! In my spare time, you’ll find me painting watercolor portraits or designing something. And my socks rarely ever match!

Your advice to women in tech: If your passion lies in technology, then go for it, and don’t let anybody get in the way! 

Phaedra Kagiafa  

Conversation Designer    


What is your role at EBO? I’ve recently joined Ebo as a Conversation Designer. My role revolves around crafting natural and user-friendly dialogues accessible to all.

A fun fact about you: I’m deeply passionate about ceramics and the art of pottery as I can unleash my creativity using my hands to craft unique pieces.

Silvia Gola 

Conversation Design Specialist 

What is your role at EBO?  
I’m working as a Dialogue Designer Specialist, focusing on virtual agent design and implementation. What I like most about this job is my team: a multicultural, heterogeneous, and amusing group of amazing human beings! 

A fun fact about you: I like creating memes about funny work-related situations.

Stella Polyzoidou 

Digital Marketing Executive


What is your role at EBO? Working closely with the Head of Marketing Communications to implement lead generation strategies, and create ad campaigns and social media content that’s as captivating as it gets!

A fun fact about you: I have a knack for finding the best deals and my friends often come to me for shopping advice. 

Your advice to future women in tech: Stay curious, keep learning, and never underestimate the value of your perspective.

As we look to the future, ΕΒΟ remains committed to nurturing and amplifying the voices,work and wisdom of women in AI. We understand that true innovation thrives on diversity, and by empowering women, we empower our entire industry to reach new heights of excellence. On this International Women’s Day, let us stand together in celebration of the incredible achievements of women in AI and beyond.

Additionally, EBO has taken a significant step as an advocate for inclusivity in healthcare by introducing the Digital Women’s Health Hub, an innovative digital tool.Despite strides toward gender equality in healthcare, various challenges persist, affecting women’s access to quality care, reproductive health services, and overall well-being. EBO recognises these challenges and has responded with the launch of its Digital Women’s Health Hub. This AI technology represents a pioneering approach to women’s health, prioritising accessibility, education, and inclusivity at its core. 

Stella Polyzoidou