29th May 2023

EBO and Digital Evolution Consulting (DEC) announce strategic partnership 

EBO, an international expert in citizen and patient engagement powered by Artificial Intelligence automation, enters into a strategic partnership with Digital Evolution Consulting (DEC), a Consulting & Advisory firm specialising in local government and public health digital transformation.  Through this partnership both companies aim to support ICBs and Local Authorities in addressing health inequalities and...

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25th May 2023

Former Publicis Groupe director, Nick Moffett, joins EBO  

EBO has appointed former Publicis Groupe Data & Tech Practice Director, Nick Moffett, as its Financial Services Director. Nick brings with him extensive experience in the market, having held leadership roles in international organisations such as CACI, Havas and Ikano Group.    Throughout his career, Nick has focused on helping clients to optimize their AI for...

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Artificial IntelligenceHealthcare
11th April 2023

So we have Great Data in Healthcare..

Data in healthcare is king. Information is the new currency, we’re told. And we’re excited about this. Data gives us the intelligence we need to make the right decisions for if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, right? Instinctively there’s a but. Our health systems are continuing to develop greater integration and processes...

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Artificial IntelligenceHealthcareRPA
4th April 2023

4 Steps to Digitising Hospital Patient Communications Using AI 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionise healthcare. From reading MRIs for cancer detection to identifying patients that need more help to avoiding unnecessary admissions to hospital, AI has the potential to enhance outcomes in most clinical fields. But what about patient communications?   NHS hospitals communicate with thousands of patients every day and it is...

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7th March 2023

Calling on all CIOs: RPA is not just for backoffice automation..

RPA provides a tremendous advantage for the processing of internal workflows within health organisations. Irrespective of service, specialty or application, there are always a significant number of processes which automation can support and create efficiencies in how information is processed.   Today, expectations are rising on how the information initially requested is collected and how patients...

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Artificial IntelligenceHealthcareInsights
28th February 2023

How to Buy AI in the NHS

Examples of effective uses of AI continue to grow across the health system but many NHS Trusts are still in their infancy in terms of AI adoption. It’s not always easy to know where or how to start on your automation journey– or indeed, how to go about sourcing and purchasing the right AI digital...

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