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Configurability at your Fingertips

At EBO, our objective is to simplify integration and configuration for our valued clients, eliminating any pain points and ensuring a flexible and user-friendly technology. Discover what’s new on EBO’s tech-front.

Web Customisation for all

EBO’s web customisation tool now enables you to take control of the appearance of your Virtual Assistant webchat widget, without needing support from the technical team. You can change the webchat’s appearance so that it reflects the look and feel of your organisation as well as activate basic functions that appear within the webchat widget window. Making changes is as easy as ABC.

Widget flexibility

In order to further support customisation, the tool contains a configuration section for web developers to integrate script code within your company’s website. With the right admin permissions, your web developers can modify various widget elements via the Application settings screen on the Portal. These include:

  • Window style options including and not limited to position, height, width, header, footer, chat launch icon/button and chat launch icon animation
  • Widget components style options, allowing you to customise various components such as carousels, multiselect, buttons, links, icons, chat bubbles
  • Window actions including launch/minimise icon or upload file icon
  • Widget functions including control of chat inactivity, text-to-speech & speech-to-text, chat session and browser exclusion rules.

From Chat to Portal in minutes

What’s more, EBO has also introduced the capability of transforming the client experience from a Webchat Widget to a full screen mode. This changes the experience to that of a Web Portal.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out for our next announcement, where we’ll dive into EBO’s Web Portal functionality, marking the next big step for our product’s growth and scalability! In the mean time, find out more about EBO’s AI solution for healthcare.