Announcing EBO’s Virtual Agent 8.6

people working virtual agent 8.6

We’re so pleased to announce the latest version of our Virtual Agent – the new and improved Virtual Agent 8.6. We utilise AI to develop Process Automation centred on customer conversations. Our technology is delivered via a highly customisable Virtual Agent.

Our new conversation screen

We are very proud that our Virtual Agents can handle so many conversations without the need for human intervention. We also guarantee a smooth handover to a human agent when needed. In line with this objective, we have added the following benefits to our product;

customer service admin infographic


In addition, this feature helps in…

ebo icon black smallCanned or template responses to aid human agents,
ebo icon black smallA supervisor function that allows more experienced agents to review and pass comments to other human agents,
ebo icon black smallThe agents now have the ability to upload images in chats with clients,
ebo icon black smallHuman Agents can block abusive users for a set period of time.

Scheduled push notifications

This new innovative feature enables you to send reminders, notifications and your brilliant marketing content straight to your clients’ Facebook Messenger Inbox. You can send any type of written content, ranging from appointment reminders to new services directly, to catch your clients’ attention.

Reporting functionality

Once you have Virtual Agents handling a significant number of conversations, your Company will be creating a lot of useful data. To support you in making the most of this information we have enhanced our reporting systems to include more detailed conversation reports.

Our conversation reporting screens enable you to access this data by exporting it to an excel spreadsheet or importing it into your line of business applications via an API connection. To show we never stay still at EBO, the images below give a sneak peek of the additional dashboard functionality coming soon…

virtual agent 8.6 functionality

Use your own Azure Active Directory (AAD) for login functionality

As part of EBO’s vision to improve the client experience, we have introduced single sign-on, via Azure Active Directory. EBO 8.6 allows you to sign on with your own Microsoft Active Directory Account, saving time and Company resources. Most importantly, this single sign-on function reduces the need for a separate EBO-specific account. The fewer passwords to remember the better!

virtual agent 8.6 login

We tailor our Agents for your needs

Security enhancements

We are continuously updating our product security to ensure that we abide by the latest global privacy standards. Our clients’ and users’ digital security and privacy are our priorities. As part of this ongoing exercise, we recently carried out and passed a penetration test. We have also improved our internal processes recently to cater for additional risk management as we deploy into health and other environments.

A date-and-time-sensitive dialogue system

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our conversations. As part of this effort, we are pleased to announce that we have just introduced time sensitivity to the VA dialogues. We can now work with you to create dialogues that respond to your clients differently depending on the time of day. For example, your Virtual Agent will now be able to respond differently outside working hours than within.

Revolutionise your company with Virtual Agent 8.6

Each release of our Product reinforces our goals as a company, these are purely driven by our customers’ needs and feedback. We are driven to;

check markscale and boost your Company’s results,
check markimprove overall customer satisfaction,
check markreduce customer calls,
check markdecrease the customer care agent turnover rate and
check markgain data-driven insights that can be used to improve your products and services.

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