Humans vs Artificial Intelligence

Humans Vs. AI | EBO

There are various avenues of thought on the subject of which is a better choice – humans vs artificial intelligence?

What it comes down to, is in which scenario we’re discussing this competition. At EBO, we believe, when it comes to customer service Artificial Intelligence wins, hands-down. 

Increase capacity without spending more time and money

With tens or hundreds of thousands of queries coming in each month, most of which are repetitive requests, automation becomes your businesses greatest advantage.

Utilising Virtual Agents, or Virtual Assistants, to take on those repetitive queries, you’re saving both manpower and on costs.

It’s also an added bonus that the ROI for the majority of industries, once implementing the VAs is incredibly quick – some in less than a year.

Let’s take a look at the major differences between using humans vs artificial intelligence for your customer engagement.


Customers often get frustrated and are dissatisfied when they are:

  • Transferred from agent to agent repeating themselves,
  • Kept on hold waiting for agents,
  • Waiting in queues, or are notified that the office is closed.

Artificial Intelligence

AI solves a vast majority of the issues faced by both customers and businesses, including:

  • Customer Service anytime, any day, anywhere,
  • Reduced churn through efficient customer onboarding processes,
  • Upsell to customers based on their preferences, without missing a beat.

EBO’s Virtual Agents

Leveraging the power of AI, EBO’s virtual agents are indistinguishable from human agents. So, when it comes to Humans vs Artificial Intelligence, AI is the obvious choice.

You can be there for your customers when and where they need you the most while offering them a tailored experience that makes them feel listened to.

Improve customer satisfaction and allow your business to collect valuable data about your customer base (their needs, desires, likes and dislikes).

Is your business considering implementing AI?

To create a better Customer Experience using AI, speak to a Business Growth Expert today. You can contact us through our form, or at [email protected]