EBO and Microsoft Azure Transform ERGO Insurance with AI Virtual Agent

EBO’s AI transforms Customer Experience for ERGO Insurance

EBO collaborated with Microsoft Azure to develop an innovative AI Virtual Agent for ERGO Insurance in Greece.
This award-winning VA, took ERGO's customer experience to new heights by streamlining policy renewals, facilitating direct payments, and substantially easing the workload related to one-touch tickets. With an impressive 95 % recognition rate, EBO's Virtual Agent, today, delivers personalised, round-the-clock assistance and has elevated customer satisfaction to 91%.

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Adressing the Challenge

Mrs. Panoraia (Rea) Theleriti, ERGO's Chief Customer and Digital Transformation Officer at ERGO Insurance underscores ERGO's primary commitment to deliver a top-tier customer experience at all times. However, inherent in every strategic objective lies a formidable challenge, and in this case, it was the need for sustainable, round-the-clock service to cater to a vast customer base. 

In response to this, ERGO Insurance embarked on a transformative journey, commencing with a strategic re-evaluation of its call centre operations. The aim was clear: to establish an omnichannel experience that seamlessly integrates customers' preferred communication channels. Recognising the complexity of this task, ERGO Insurance collaborated with EBO, to implement, Χαρά (Joy) an AI-driven Virtual Agent (VA) built on Microsoft Azure. 

Embracing Empathy in Tech

Fusing technology with a personalised approach, today the Virtual Agent stands out in the Greek insurance market thanks to its remarkable recognition rate (the ability to understand messages from customers and respond appropriately). The creation of Χαρά involved the strategic application of Natural Language Processing (NLP), advanced Machine Learning techniques, and the utilization of Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Services. Collaborating seamlessly with ERGO Insurance and Microsoft, EBO’s NLP experts played a pivotal role in crafting a Virtual Agent capable of engaging in two-way human-like conversations with customers. Today the VA's machine-learning capabilities ensure a continually updated language library, empowering the Virtual Agent to learn and adapt whilst its sentiment analysis capability allows it to identify user's emotions and shape the conversation accordingly. Enhanced with a conversational tone and the ability to communicate in 'Greeklish', a fusion of Greek and Latin characters, the VA provides users with a much more advanced and personalised experience compared to other conventional chatbots. 

From FAQs to Tailored Experiences

The Virtual Agent, initially started out as providing instant responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ). However, this soon developed with the decision to integrate the VA directly into ERGO's core system. Now, the VA seamlessly assists with multifaceted operations, from policy renewals to customer portal registrations, elevating user engagement and simplifying processes.

“It walks customers through registration with a dialog-driven process, which is more personal than filling in a standard form by yourself,” 

Rea Theleriti, Chief Customer and Digital Transformation Officer, ERGO Insurance

24/7 Support Reshapes Policy Renewals

On being notified to renew their policy, customers would previously have to locate the renewal notice and contact an agent or call centre - a cumbersome and lengthy process. Today customers can simply request and access information from the VA without needing specific policy details. They can then proceed with making the payment online.

Within four months from launch, the Virtual Agent achieved an 85 percent customer satisfaction rate for initiated dialogues. This further increased to 91% within the next couple of months. The 24/7 support also positively influenced the policy renewal process, making it more accessible and convenient for customers.

“Having the VA significantly helps us manage the payment system, as we’re handling around 3,000 transactions per month.” 

Rea Theleriti, Chief Customer and Digital Transformation Officer, ERGO Insurance

AI Assistance with a Human Touch

In establishing an effective partnership between humans and AI, ERGO Insurance ensures that the Virtual Assistant (VA) can seamlessly operate on its own while retaining the ability to oversee and optimise conversational workflows. When a customer interaction demands human input, Χαρά smoothly transitions the conversation to a human agent.

Building on the success of the initial phase, ERGO Insurance plans to expand the applications of the VA. The company envisions it becoming the cornerstone for various core processes, including renewals and claims.

“Our goal is to digitize and automate our processes to truly revolutionize the experience by making the interaction conversational via the VA,”

Konstantinos Chatzisymeon, Chief Information and Processes Transformation Officer, ERGO Insurance

Above and Beyond

Following ERGO’s triumph at the PPC Bite Awards, EBO is thrilled to announce that its Conversational AI solution, developed in collaboration with ERGO Insurance, has secured two more prestigious awards.

-Customer Service Distinction Award in the "Best Use of Technology in User Experience" category at the National Customer Service Awards (CS AWARDS)

-Bronze Award in the "Best Omnichannel Experience" category at the Ε-volution Awards 2024

These awards, bestowed by the Hellenic Institute of Customer Service (ΕΙΕΠ) and BOUSSIAS, respectively, highlight the impactful role of AI in driving digital transformation and elevating customer experience.“EBO is proud to have collaborated with ERGO Insurance on its digital transformation journey,” shares Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO at EBO. “We are excited about the future potential of the VA to serve as the starting point for many of ERGO Insurance’s core processes. EBO remains committed to integrating technology seamlessly into the customer journey to create truly transformative experiences."

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