Why Your Business Needs A Messenger Chatbot

It seems like everyone is using Facebook nowadays. If you own a business, chances are you also have a business page on the social media giant.  Back in April 2016, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook Messenger chatbot platform, enabling businesses of all sizes to build custom chatbots on Messenger.  Since the launch, Messenger boasts more than 100k bots. This rapid expansion can mean only one thing: it’s time your business implements its very own chatbot on Messenger. Still reluctant to do so? Read on and discover why your chatbot should join those already reaping the rewards on this extremely popular messaging app.

Everyone’s Already There

Facebook has a staggering 2 billion monthly users, with up to 1.2 billion using Messenger. That’s a lot of existing and potential customers to take into consideration. A lot of these users spend a substantial amount of time on the social channel, making them far easier to reach. Messenger alone has already shown its potential as one the most popular messaging platforms, significantly surpassing WhatsApp and Snapchat in the United States.

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Facebook business pages already work wonders for their owners by promoting their products and services, as well as displaying useful information such as opening hours and location. A chatbot would further develop your business page by improving customer reach and enhancing UX (User Experience).

It’s Already Online

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook’s Messenger Chatbot platform is that it’s already online and fully accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device. Launching a chatbot on Messenger will, therefore, be far more cost-efficient and far less time-consuming than on any other platform.

To build a chatbot on another platform or app would require building a web portal. This, along with testing, would take a lot of time. As well as this, the chat interface that you build will be unknown to users. You may find that it will take some time before they feel comfortable interacting with your bot. Most users are already familiar with Messenger’s chat interface, no learning curve is required so users can start interacting with it from the get-go.

A Lot of Work Has Already Been Done For You

Facebook invests heavily in Messenger and is constantly evolving the platform. From UX to security, Messenger’s platform has a lot of the tedious work done for you before you’ve even started. The bottom line here is that as Messenger improves, so does your chatbot.

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Facebook’s Messenger Chatbot platform offers a variety of in-built UI (User Interface) elements ranging from quick response buttons to check out cards. Ultimately, this means that your customers could purchase from your business without even leaving the messenger app. A streamlined experience such as this will simplify the user journey, removing any pain points and driving new levels of sales. As for security, Messenger has an end-to-end encryption on their messages, meaning conversations between your customers and your business are completely secure from malicious intent.

Discover Tab

The Discover Tab, a feature within the platform, was also introduced to Messenger. As the name suggests, the Discover Tab is a hub within the app for discovering all the chatbots that are available. At present, a chatbot on any other medium or platform has little to no chance of being discovered on its own.  Though still in its infancy, we will eventually see an advanced filtering function sorting chatbots by topics, interests and much more.

Data and Insights

Marketing is all about understanding your customers and learning from them. In order to do this, you’re going to need data and lots of it. Of course, a plethora of user data and insights are already available on Facebook. This deep reservoir of customers and insights are yours for the taking and will give your chatbot a competitive advantage from the very beginning. Through Facebook, you can learn more about those using your chatbot and use the insights you gain to constantly improve your bot, more so than you would on any other platform.

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Facebook Messenger chatbots provide substantial opportunities for businesses willing to take the leap towards developing their own bot. It’s been a year and a half since its launch and already countless businesses are enjoying the benefits of doing building their bots on this platform. If you’re thinking about adopting your own chatbot, ebo is available on a variety of apps, Messenger included. Contact us today to schedule a demo and find out more.

Published October 2017

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