Presenting EBO’s Latest Update “Athens”

Presenting EBO’s Latest Update “Athens”

EBO is proud to present the latest update to our product. We decided to call it “Athens” in honor of the Olympic Games that started just a few days ago! As with most of our updates, our focus has been on developing the product in a way that empowers your Customer Support Agents even more.

In this case, we have;

  • A new reporting system
  • Improved capabilities in conversation design
  • More handovers focused on ensuring a smooth process for customer support agents
  • and so much more.

Let’s dive right in.

New reporting system

You can now extract any kind of information and data that’s captured by the Virtual Agent and export it to Excel or directly input it into your internal system (via an API end point). This new reporting system enables you to develop a holistic management information system that either centers around your Virtual Agent or uses it as a feed into a multi-source environment. What’s more – you can now issue client-tailored reports on a regular, scheduled basis to specific email addresses.

This advanced reporting system includes enhanced conversation reports that show the time split between human agents and Virtual Agents and the number of abandoned chats. These reports can support organisations with their management and KPI reporting.

Improved conversation creation

As EBO, we’re doing our best to improve the conversation capabilities of our Virtual Agents. This update introduces improved options available to our Dialogue Designer teams, the use of carousels and buttons and more available options when exiting conversations. Such features are targeted to allow our virtual agents to answer more queries end to end without the need for human intervention. Our teams will raise these options with you in our performance review process, please feel free to contact us if you wish to see how these changes can increase the performance of your EBO Virtual Agent.

Enhanced human-agent handovers

Thanks to this update, you can now transfer conversations from one human agent to another and send email alerts to agents when a conversation is to be transferred to them. We’ve also included the option to switch on audible alerts (pings) when a conversation is transferred from the Virtual Agent to the human agent. This sound alerts the human agent that a conversation has just been transferred to them and requires immediate attention. Such improvements are continuing to improve EBO’s ease of use for agents and back office staff alike, to make sure complex issues (which the Virtual Agent cannot resolve) can be handled easily by Human Agents

Email alerts enhancements

We have improved our capabilities when sending email alerts. You can now choose whether you want to blind carbon copy or carbon copy specific email addresses. This feature helps companies the routing of conversations throughout the orgganisation and ensures that the correct people are actively involved in a particular conversation while other individuals are simply alerted that a discussion is taking place.

The ability to present documents to clients via Webchat

Our Virtual Agents can now present documents such as registration forms and appointment letters to clients via Webchat. This Virtual Agent-assisted presentation function continues to automate workflows, relieving your admin staff from repetitive tasks.


Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about this latest product functionality.