EBO to deliver improved citizen engagement in Cyprus

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EBO to deliver improved citizen engagement in Cyprus

Evresis will be implementing EBO’s technology for the provision of governmental and semi-governmental services to support citizens in Cyprus in over 100 languages.

A leading, multichannel contact centre with fulfilment units in Cyprus, Evresis supports a number of key outsourced services and has an impressive record of successful projects in Cyprus, Europe and the Middle Eastern region.

After over 30 years of providing outstanding service, Evresis is pivoting towards the adoption of AI to increase customer satisfaction. With research revealing that 86% of customers would pay for better service, it is no surprise that Evresis is investing to improve its customer journey.

Evresis selected EBO to add Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its offering. EBO is a leader in the provision of multilingual customer automation through AI. It provides its service through AI-powered Virtual Agents that are indistinguishable from human agents. Its solutions are being used by the NHS in the UK as well as blue-chip enterprises in Europe.

“We have been actively looking at AI for process optimisation. It was only after seeing the benefits that EBO brings to the table that we made the decision to implement this tool into the core of our business. We are prioritising ‘digital first’ services, as this will augment the level of service we offer to the market” – Christiana Cleanthous, Managing Director of Evresis.

The rising demand for self-service inspired Evresis to also put efforts into boosting resolution cycle efficiency and delivering pertinent omnichannel services. Support for alternative communication channels such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Slack and Microsoft Teams add to the list of benefits that Evresis will gain from its collaboration with EBO.

Dr Gege Gatt, CEO at EBO stated: “The future of contact centres will be more data-driven and predictive. This is even more pronounced today as we have changed the way in which we communicate and work. Our AI solution will become a mainstay for contact centres as it helps to decrease costs, increase employee productivity and optimise customer engagement.”

EBO’s AI solutions will allow Evresis to engage and support customers through live engagement, sentiment analysis and true automation. Evresis will be able to leverage AI by automating repetitive tasks, within customer interactions, creating more time to focus on strategic activities. From EBO’s proven track record, the human-like Virtual Agents that continually learn from each interaction will enhance Evresis’ overall agent and customer satisfaction.