EBO Expands – Our New Office in Limassol, Cyprus

EBO Expands – Our New Office in Limassol, Cyprus

The EBO team is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Limassol, Cyprus. This new office, located inside the Cedars Oasis Tower, will be focusing on the Financial Service sector – specifically, Banking, Forex and Insurance.

EBO’s new office in Cyprus

Cyprus is fast becoming the go-to country for forwarding-facing AI and IT companies looking to increase their sphere of influence in Europe and the MENA region.

“The opening of our new office in Cyprus is an exciting milestone for our team and is in line with EBO’s mission to ensure faster growth pattern and more strategic market expansion,” said Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO. “This investment in a new presence in Cyprus also reflects our resolve to target more aggressively the financial services sector – which has been showing an increased interest in the application of our technology to achieve more meaningful communication with customers.”

EBO and Financial Services

In the financial services sector, 60%-80% of inbound queries are centred around the same set of topics. Customer service agents find themselves overloaded with uninspiring work – resulting in burnout, and thus, a high turnover rate.

This is where EBO can make a real difference. Our 24/7 Virtual Agent can chat with customers in multiple languages and respond to repeat queries, send the correct information and documents to clients and improve overall customer satisfaction. Our AI-powered solution has already helped dozens of businesses around the globe streamline internal and external services, reduce unnecessary expenses, improve delays and increase conversion rates. Best of all, choosing EBO as a partner has propelled these businesses to the next level, as this partnership has enabled them to scale and deliver their services more efficiently.

Undoubtedly, EBO’s new office in Cyprus will encourage and empower even more companies to adopt our game-changing AI-powered solutions and embrace artificial intelligence.

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