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And that’s a wrap

2023 was a stellar year for EBO – a year of making waves in the healthcare industry, by enhancing accessibility, automating patient-facing processes and improving patient communication. Read on to explore the milestones and achievements that shaped our 2023. 

But first, a little about EBO 

Here at EBO, we’re on a mission to help healthcare providers automate patient facing processes end-to-end, using AI. From automating simple to complex self-assessments and questionnaires to complete appointment management, waiting list validation and more, EBO’s AI solution is releasing efficiency, increasing work capacity and reducing operational costs.  Harnessing the potential of Conversational AI, EBO develops AI solutions in the form of highly customisable AI Virtual Assistants (VAs). Our VAs engage with patients via 2-way natural dialogue that simulates human conversation between healthcare service providers and patients to deliver meaningful conversations at any time, in over 100 languages and on any channel of choice. 

Numbers & Night Owls

Throughout 2023, EBO’s Virtual Assistants automated just under 200,000 patient conversations within the healthcare sphere. Notably, an impressive 42% of these conversations, occurred outside regular office hours. 

Convenience & Accessibility

This not only attests to EBO’s 24/7 capability and extends accessibility for patients, but also provides a time-saving mechanism for staff. While VAs handle routine queries and tasks, healthcare professionals can focus on more complex responsibilities, optimising their productivity and also getting some well-deserved downtime. Opening up this digital front door to patients also frees up telephone lines for those service users who prefer more traditional communication methods.  

Satisfaction speaks Volumes

After each VA conversation, each user is prompted to rate their experience and the results are resoundingly positive (if we may say so ourselves). On average, our VAs received a patient satisfaction score of 94%, highlighting the efficacy of our solution. 

‘A’ for understanding

Beyond patient rating, EBO also measures the success of the VA through a recognition rate. This refers to the capability of the Virtual Agent to automatically understand requests received, without any human intervention. It turns out that In 2023, EBO’s VAs were pretty intelligent. They generated a recognition rate of 97%, allowing for automating requests to become a possibility.   In cases where a request exceeds the solution's capabilities, a seamless handover or callback functionality is available for staff to ensure a smooth continuation of the process. 

Amplifying Inclusivity

Prioritising patient accessibility, EBO’s solution breaks language barriers by enabling patients to speak to a VA on any channel of choice in over 100 languages. But that's not all – our Virtual Assistants are multilingual; they can seamlessly communicate in Farsi, Russian, and Greek, expanding their capabilities across diverse industries. It's like having a friendly chat with a friend, no matter where you're from. Learn about EBO's Waiting List Validation Solution for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board here.

Supporting a Successful Staff 

The VA doesn’t only save staff time and alleviate workload, it also reduces waiting lists, provides unlimited initial patient contact messages, integrates directly to a Trust’s EPR and provides a real-time reporting dashboard, granting immediate access to patient data and pathways. 

Ready for more?

So, there you have it – 2023, a year of successes for EBO. As we look ahead, our commitment to enhancing healthcare experiences remains unwavering. As we evolve, so does our technology. The EBO team is hard at work to introduce voice capabilities across our solution. This will empower patients to interact with the VA through voice – no typing required.   So.. are you ready for more? Stick around to see what’s next.  
Stella Polyzoidou