Stanleybet achieves a 61% increase in player satisfaction with EBO’s AI Solution

Stanleybet achieves a 61% increase in player satisfaction with EBO's AI Solution

On experiencing a surge in online player registrations, Stanleybet reached out to EBO for a data-driven digital solution. As a result, EBO developed an AI Virtual Agent which today handles over 50% of its customer conversations.

About Stanleybet Group

The Stanleybet Group is among the largest iGaming operators in Europe. The company is present in Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, and the UK where it operates in the B2C market with over 2,000 branches and 3,000 employees and collaborators.

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What Goals Did Stanleybet Group Have?

Upscale the Onboarding Process

Having experienced a massive increase in player registration during the COVID-19 pandemic, Stanleybet required a method that could scale proportionately to this demand and work seamlessly to prevent customer drop-off.

Reduce Staff Workload

Player growth created an increase in repetitive queries, stressing the Customer Support agents and leaving little time to nurture relationships. As a result player wait time increased.

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Increase Language Capacity

An increase in customers brought about the needs for a larger language capacity, coupled with the evolution of responsible-gaming requirements. Stanleybet recognized they needed to take a data-driven approach.

The Challenge

A surge in online player registration

Stanleybet experienced a massive increase in player registration, and a shift to digital, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The customer onboarding process needed to scale up and work seamlessly to prevent customer drop-offs.

Player growth created an increase in repetitive queries, stressing the Customer Support agents and leaving little time to nurture relationships. Additionally, a larger language capacity was required, coupled with the evolution of responsible-gaming requirements.

Stanleybet recognized they needed to take a data-driven approach.

The Solution

Full support for players 24/7

EBO developed a Virtual Agent (VA) for Stanleybet using Artificial Intelligence. Today, the VA handles requests and tasks on the company's behalf, just like a human agent.

The VA's technology is not only capable of understanding and speaking 100+ languages, but it also allows it to understand a player's needs and emotions and respond with empathy. This, together with its contextual awareness, allows the VA to provide an instant real human-like interaction.

Thanks to its Virtual Agent, Stanleybet is there for its customers 24/7, 365 days a year. The solution never sleeps, goes offline or takes a break. It provides players with the best service irrespective of the time of which agents are ‘on call’.

Continuous improvement

EBOs NLP engineers designed training models so that the VA's machine learning capabilities would be able to apply self-learning techniques to keep its language library updated. This technology allows it to improve over time, learn new processes and increasingly cope with a wider range of complex tasks. Should the conversation or task become too complex for it, the VA automatically and seamlessly transfers to a human agent who can swiftly respond to the requirements.

EBO develops an AI Virtual Agent for Stanleybet

Reduced customer wait-time & increased scalability

EBO's self-service technology reduces customer wait-time by providing automated instantaneous responses, aiding the company to manage demand, reduce churn and enhance customer satisfaction. By acting as another human agent within the customer support team, the VA reduces the need to hire and retain more staff. It liberates Stanleybet's Customer Support Agents from repetitive workflows and optimises productivity

Stanleybet can also scale quickly and proportionately according to the increase in customer activity, especially useful for one-off events, such as tournaments.

Crucial Data Collection

EBO’s technology provides direct back-office interoperability allowing the VA to access customer information securely. The VA can handle all of the customer onboarding and KYC as well as provide vital player data and verification. This access to data also allows Stanleybet to gain new insights into customers’ needs and sentiments and utilise it to improve its customer personalisation and marketing.

Compliance Ready 

EBO's technology protects customers by providing a responsible iGaming solution that is compliance-ready and triggers workflows to immediately ban or act on any flagged data point.

The Results

61% boost in player satisfaction

Players rated their experience with the Virtual Agent. Results showed that the satisfaction rating increased by 61%, from 107 points in May to 173 points in January. 

52% of all customer conversations automated

As the Virtual Agent matured rapidly, human assistance was reduced by 27% within 9 months of operating. While fully automated conversations grew from 34% in May to 52% in January.

Stanleybet registered an extremely positive outcome from its customers and is now constantly expanding the use-cases that the Virtual Agent can tackle. Discover more of the outstanding results highlighted below. 

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We love the results! As a data-first company, working with our Virtual Agent Claire has helped us increase productivity, cut running costs and achieve positive levels of customer satisfaction. We have reduced customers’ waiting time and automated entire workflows to provide a quick resolution to specific customer queries.  
Dalia Pecingina
Head of CX at StanleyBet Group

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