4000 customer conversations automated in 3 months


4000 customer conversations automated in 3 months

Due to its growth, GasanMamo required a more efficient customer support process. As a solution, EBO built a Virtual Agent to automate its customer service, enhance quality of leads, capture lost traffic and allow staff to focus on their core business.
AI in insurance | GasanMamo

About GasanMamo

GasanMamo Insurance Ltd is a leading insurance company which has been in business for well over half a century. Having achieved sustainable growth over the years, the company boasts a reputation that is second to none. Today, GasanMamo handles both personal and commercial clients and is a prime insurance operator in the financial services sector.

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What Goals Did GasanMamo Have?

Reducing customer service workload with AI
Reduce Workload

Prolonged working hours for the customer service providers resulted in human capital expenditure and an excessive workload. The physical operation could not scale with such flexibility. GasanMamo needed a different solution.

Increase Efficiency

The excessive workload on the team was also resulting in backlog and increased customer wait-time. GasanMamo wanted to increase efficiency whilst still maintain a personal and friendly relationship with its customers.

Enhance Customer Experience
GasanMamo wanted to reduce drop-off rates on their website and improve lead count by providing immediate 24/7 assistance to customers at every point in their digital journey and navigating them through complex insurance processes.



The Challenge


GasanMamo Insurance’s customer-facing team was spending prolonged working hours responding to client requests, many of them repetitive in nature. Naturally, this resulted in high human capital expenditure for the company and an excessive workload on the team. The physical operation could not scale with such flexibility and adapt to the changing customer landscape. This was resulting in back-log, a loss of leads and dissatisfied digital customers.

The Solution



Improving lead count and increasing customer retention

Encountering difficulties and struggling to find the right information online is one of the main causes of customer frustration and increased drop-off rates. For this reason, Nina provides immediate assistance to customers at any stage in their digital journey and navigates them through complex insurance processes such as opening claims, requesting quotes and managing policies. Nina's 24/7 availability also allows the company to improve its lead count and gain otherwise lost traffic during its out-of-office hours. 

Enhancing the qualification of leads and operational efficiency

In order to increase efficiency within the GasanMamo's onboarding process, Nina can ascertain the quality of the leads by ensuring the end-customer has answered all relevant questions relating to their request. All conversations are then routed through alerts (such as email) to the right department, speeding up the process for both the customer and staff. 


Providing a more human customer experience

Thanks to its emotional awareness, the VA is able to identify and understand customer's emotions, sentiment and tone, helping it to provide appropriate support, empathy as well as deal with potential customer complaints. Its context-awareness capabilities also help it to better understand the customer conversation and retain context where necessary. 

New data points

Through a user-friendly dashboard, GasanMamo has full control of its dialogues and can customize workflows and manage actions, triggers and content across all its channels at any point in time. This backend also serves as a data-capturing tool, providing a full set of analytical data including popular queries, exit points and the general sentiment of customer utterances. This allows GasanMamo to build a more holistic profile and record of its customer, identify pain points in its customer journey, monitor customer behaviour and create informed strategic decisions for its way forward. 


Natural Language Processing

Through a number of workshops with GasanMamo, EBO's Natural Language Processing Engineers gathered information and data regarding the insurance company's popular customer utterances, queries and use cases. This data was then used to train the VA's language models. The VA's artificial intelligence capabilities have enabled the VA to continuously enrich its language library on an ongoing basis thanks to its self-learning techniques. This allows it to gain more capacity to understand and handle a wider range of tasks. At the same time, EBO's NLP experts regularly monitor the VA's progress and review its performance to improve the NLP recognition rate and workflows. Through Artificial Intelligence the VA can then continue to improve and learn as it goes on. 


The Results


The positive results generated by GasanMamo Insurance’s Virtual Agent have allowed the staff to focus on its core business, and speed up the time and quality of leads. In fact, in the first three months of launch, GasanMamo Insurances’s Virtual Agent, handled over 4000 conversations, amounting to an average of 13% of its traffic per month. On average, 86% of these conversations were handled entirely by the VA, requiring no human take-over or assistance. This is a very positive start for GasanMamo as it strives to create a shift in consumers behaviour, moving its customers from more traditional customer service methods to digital self-serve efficient channels. 

Thanks to its Natural Language Processing and continuous learning, the Virtual Agent also succeeded to immediately recognise the intent of the customer and match it to a workflow 83% of the time. This ultimately provided the customer with a correct and helpful answer, potentially decreasing drop-offs and increasing customer satisfaction. 


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