Will Intelligent Messaging Drive Chatbot Usage?

Although still very much in its infancy, the chatbot industry has had a significant impact on the way we interact with companies. By understanding and embracing this future, many tech-savvy companies have already implemented chatbots to help them boost the quality of the customer service that they provide to their clients. There are already many success stories out there around chatbots but now in 2017, customers are asking for more.

Will Intelligent Messaging Drive User Engagement?

Round-the-clock, on-demand help is a great start for any chatbot, and once upon a time, this would have been enough. However, as consumers have become more comfortable using the technology, they crave something more. They expect a fully personalised service that knows who they are, what they want, and when they want it. That is where the world of intelligent messaging comes into its own. Powerful AI is expected to drive forward the popularity of chatbots from both a user and a provider perspective.

How Can Intelligent Messaging Drive Engagement?

In the broadest sense, intelligent messaging is a context-aware conversation between a chatbot and a user. It is based on a smart combination of information, all of which will drive chatbot usage. This information can be grouped into the following key areas:

Customer Data

Chances are your business has gathered a lot of information on your clients; email addresses, purchase history, product preferences and phone numbers are but some of the types of data that can be accumulated over time. This data is already available to you, it’s just a matter of processing it correctly so it can be used to fully personalise your customers’ experience by tailoring the conversation to what they want, and what you think they might want. If your chatbot can engage in an intelligent conversation, incorporating knowledge on the user into the exchange, your customers will soon forget they are talking to a chatbot. This perceived intelligence will drive engagement, increase their satisfaction with your company and their loyalty to your brand.

Product Data

An intelligent messaging chatbot will use natural language processing to recognise keywords and topics that your customers input into the chat window. The bot will, in turn, be able to respond accurately and in real time. They will be able to make context-appropriate suggestions, as well as tailor the flow of the conversation to the topic at hand. In other words, your customer will feel like they are talking to another human. Figuring out the context of what is said, and the topic of conversation can be a challenge with intelligent messaging but when done right it can drive customer engagement to a whole new level.

Platform Data

When signing up to use a platform such Facebook, or Messenger, one of the requisites of opening an account is putting in personal information such as your name, age, location, and personal preferences. When you decide to integrate an intelligent messaging chatbot into your social media presence, the bot can extract this information to offer your clients a truly personalised online experience. A great example of this would be if your customer has “liked” lots of pages based on a certain topic on Facebook. An intelligent messenger chatbot can use this information to provide them with information, news and offers that are relevant to them.

Will Intelligent Messaging Drive User Engagement?

Brands that utilise intelligent messaging have a 70% higher response rate when compared to other forms of communication. It truly is the future of chatbot usage and by investing in intelligent messaging, you are investing not only in your business but the happiness of your customers too.

The key to the future of customer engagement is keeping up with technology, whilst ensuring that your customer feels unique and special. By driving forward with intelligent messaging technology, you can ensure that your customer has the means to communicate with your company 24/7 but that they also retain the feeling of having a truly personalised and intelligent service.

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Published November 2017

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