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The native AI support is for: English, American English, Canadian French, French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portughese (as spoken in Brazil), Spanish, and Spanish-Mexican.

In cases where a desired target language is not supported by any NLP platform, we would tackle this particular language by implementing a Neural Machine Translation tool.

NMT is considered to be the most advanced translation algorithm which goes beyond the usual translators in terms of accuracy as stated by Google's research paper.

Before moving on with the implementation we would need to run a pilot test to determine feasibility and accuracy of treating the target language using NMT.

The channels which are pre-integrated with EBO are Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Skype, Cortana (this allows us to do a voice interface too), Bing, WebChat (quite common), Email, GroupMe, Telegram, Twilio.

Ebo's AI Virtual Agents move away from the traditional rule-based approach to a Machine Learning approach which enables us to train an intelligent bot. By implementing Machine Learning techniques ebo extracts meaning from the user input it receives in natural (human) language. Therefore Machine Learning is used to understand the user's intentions with the highest possible accuracy.

Ebo's AI Virtual Agents also incorporates the notion of Active Learning. Active Learning enables the bot to keep on learning new examples, thus always expanding its domain knowledge based on user input.

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