EBO.ai partners with global cloud communications leader, Vonage

The Partnership

EBO.ai has partnered with Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications which helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. The partnership aims to provide businesses with intuitive, intelligent customer service tools and support across multiple channels, including WhatsApp and Viber.

As a leader in AI communications, EBO.ai enables businesses to automate customer communication without compromising on quality or personalisation. Its self-learning Virtual Agents progress customers through operations, customer service and marketing journeys efficiently and effectively, while delighting the end-user.

Through this new partnership, Vonage’s VoiceVideo and Messaging APIs now enable EBO’s virtual agents to communicate across multiple channels seamlessly, providing a genuinely customer-centric experience using the most advanced AI technology.

Putting Customers First

It is a central tenant of the EBO.ai conversational philosophy that businesses must move to where their customers are already having their conversations. Access to such platforms is, therefore, a critical part of EBO.ai’s strategy in ensuring all can benefit from the AI conversations. This partnership is a great example of businesses coming together to provide truly customer-centric communication automation powered by AI.

Introducing WhatsApp and Viber

Through Vonage, EBO.ai’s Virtual Agents will have access to digital and mobile channels such as WhatsApp and Viber, and will therefore have the ability to adapt to customer preference, ensuring a joined-up experience and most importantly being available where customers are already conversing. By using such Virtual Agents, businesses can offer personalised 24/7 customer support on the channel of their customer’s choice. This can all be done without hiring more staff or adding to the operational burden, making it easy to keep up with the growing need for more engagement at lower costs.

Gege Gatt on EBO.ai's Partnersship with Vonage

“Our partnership with Vonage is an exciting step forward, as together we are providing powerful, transformative, intelligent tools at the forefront of communications solutions,”. “We’re proud that our partnership is showing the world what the future holds for communications technology.”

– Gege Gatt, CEO, EBO.ai

Omar Javaid on Vonage and EBO.ai's Partnership

“We believe that businesses today can radically improve customer experience by implementing an amazing array of modern, intelligent communications tools,”. “Together, Vonage and EBO.ai can offer companies advanced conversational AI tools that can be easily incorporated into their existing customer service journey, creating flexible, intelligent and personal experiences.”

-Omar Javaid, President, Vonage API Platform Group

Published July 2020

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