MAPFRE Middlesea plc. is a member of MAPFRE Group, a major player in the global insurance sectors with interest spanning across 5 markets, Spain and South America being the two countries which have experienced the fastest growth in recent years. The insurance company which offers a range of products including Motor, Home and Health, prides itself in placing its customers at the core of its business.

Industry: Insurance’s Virtual Agent, powered by AI, becomes a winning strategy for MAPFRE Middlesea  


Throughout its past year of activity,’s Virtual Agent has saved MAPFRE Middlesea over 1000 hours of customer service. This has given the Customer Service team a significant increase in time to focus on queries that required more skill and human intervention. 

Every month, the Virtual Agent handles an average of over 1500 conversationsWhen the VA can’t handle an enquiry, it immediately prompts a member of customer support staff to take over. However, on average 83% of, all conversations per month were handled completely by the Virtual Agent. This has resulted in more efficient turnaround time. 


Results also show that 85% of the time, the Virtual Agent was immediately able to recognise the intent of the customer and match it to a workflow it knew, showing the effectiveness of the VA’s Natural Language Processing recognition. gives companies full control of their conversation flow. Through a user-friendly single dashboard, the client can manage all dialogues. This dashboard also serves as a data capturing tool, storing conversation data from all messaging platforms. From here MAPFRE Middlesea can gain visibility on their most popular enquiries, understand consumer behaviour patterns such as exit points and goals as well as analyse customer sentiment and overall mood of the dialogues. Such invaluable insight can give the company the ability to identify pain points and ultimately make informed strategic decisions and predictions for their business. 


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