GasanMamo Insurance Ltd is a leading insurance company which has been in business for well over half a century. Having achieved sustainable growth over the years, the company boasts a reputation that is second to none. Today, GasanMamo handles both personal and commercial clients and is a prime insurance operator in the financial services sector. 

Industry: Insurance

Employees:'s Virtual Agent automates over 4000 customer support conversations for GasanMamo Insurance in less than 3 months

The positive results generated by GasanMamo Insurance’s Virtual Agent have allowed the staff to focus on its core business, and speed up the time and quality of leads. In fact, in the first three months of launch, GasanMamo Insurances’s Virtual Agent, handled over 4000 conversations, amounting to an average of 13% of its traffic per month. On average, 86% of these conversations were handled entirely by the VA, requiring no human take-over or assistance. This is a very positive start for GasanMamo as it strives to create a shift in consumers behaviour, moving its customers from more traditional customer service methods to digital self-serve efficient channels. 

Thanks to its Natural Language Processing and continuous learning, the Virtual Agent also succeeded to immediately recognise the intent of the customer and match it to a workflow 83% of the time. This ultimately provided the customer with a correct and helpful answer, potentially decreasing drop-offs and increasing customer satisfaction. 



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