BNF Bank

BNF Bank plc, is an established key player in the banking sector, offering individual and business clients a highly personalised and tailor-made service through a network of retail branches and a Corporate and Business Banking Centre.

Industry: Finance

Website: develops a personalised 

automated banking experience using AI

In just three months, BNF Bank’s Virtual Agent, Becs handled hundreds of conversations. Each conversation was handled entirely by the VA, from start to finish, requiring no human intervention. This is a significant result showing the reliability of the VA and its ability to reduce customer waiting time, increase customer satisfaction and save the company time and resources. 

The increasing customer usage and interaction with the organisation's Virtual Agent, reveals that BNF is on the right track in adapting its service towards today's digital-savvy customer whilst managing to upscale its operation without the cost of growing a face-to-face department.



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