Success Stories is very proud to have a strong portfolio of clients who are delighted to advocate the work we do for them. We take pride in future-proofing businesses through the use of Artificial Intelligence so that they can build better, long-lasting relationships with their customers. 

Insurance companies are at a pivotal stage of the industry’s development. AI technology is starting to disrupt the orthodox nature of business processes. MAPFRE Middlesea is a customer-centric organisation and we continually seek new and better ways to serve our customers.

We’ve chosen as a partner to help us adopt innovative technology that allows us to scale and deliver services more efficiently and effectively to our customers.


Head of Technology Solutions & Digital, MAPFRE Middlesea

BNF BANK recently introduced AI into BNF Bank's customer journey. This enabled the organisation to maximise the opportunity to interact with customers, find a more efficient way to qualify leads and capture customer data.

ECABS developed a bespoke Virtual Agent (VA) for eCabs, which introduced a game-changing advantage to the company. integrated the VA into eCabs’ Facebook Messenger, giving customers the ability to book a cab directly via Facebook, in a few simple clicks and conversational flow.

“It's clear that digital innovation is changing our industry. AI will play a crucial role in ensuring we meet the needs of our patients by providing an exceptional experience in all aspects of care during each patient interaction. We've chosen to work with to build our automation strategy and provide patients with tailored communication while improving the efficiency of our processes."


CEO, Saint James Hospital Group


An AI Virtual Agent was built to provide Belair's customers with instant and personalised support. The VA would speed up response time by assigning leads to the right agent and widen revenue stream by upselling services and recommending properties based on customer preferences. 


The 5-star hotel required a solution to manage its influx of customer enquiries and encourage bookings via its direct channels, rather than online travel agents. AX  The Palace turned to to introduce AI into its sales process. 

“At GasanMamo, we’ve been in business for over 70 years. In this period, we’ve seen the rise of many exciting new technologies that are aligned to our core belief: that of constant improvement. However, none of these have been as radically transformative as Artificial Intelligence and automation. We believe that AI will provide a better service to support our customers and will transform the digital journey they will take with us. We’ve chosen as the solution provider to help us with this next step.”

General Manager, GasanMamo Insurance

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