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We’re focused on pioneering AI, and teaming up with the best organisations. Together, we can better help companies build valuable, long-lasting relationships with their customers using AI. Check out some collaborations from our growing network.

“We’re excited to be working with EBO.ai on this initial technical evaluation as part of our AI strategy. Through our work with EBO.ai we aim to address the NHS’ goals within patient engagement and self-management. We’re confident patients cared for by East London and Somerset trusts will appreciate a better digital experience while clinical and administrative staff will value the hours saved managing appointments.  

As an open technology provider, we seek out opportunities to collaborate with partners so that patients can reap the benefits of a joined-up approach to their care. Our Rio system supports the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, record to enable the very best and most efficient healthcare. By automating patient contact, we’ll help trusts work more smartly, get a better understanding of patient’s needs and reduce costs, all while delivering a better user experience and improved quality of care.”

Managing Director (Healthcare) at Servelec


Extra Mile Services is a leading expert in customer service and experience. A Maltese organisation, they help companies with customer care, sales and brand awareness. We work together to solve a challenge their clients face all the time - repetitive customer service queries. By integrating our AI automation technology and Virtual Agents with their customer service offering, we’re able to help clients provide a better customer experience that doesn’t compromise on business results. 

"We're very excited to partner with EBO.ai. At Extra Mile, we firmly believe that technology and humans can work together to build better, longer-lasting relationships with Customers. The hybrid between technology is what empowers humans to utilise technology to automate mundane, repetitive and operationally heavy tasks. 

We seek out partners like EBO.ai because we believe our customers deserve the best in breed technology and expertise to empower them to sustainably deal with volume at scale. A lot of organisations currently struggle with the large volume of queries at peak times. However, knowing that automation can keep the volume low enough to a level where it's sustainable, scalable and improves the Customer Experience is what we're jointly looking to achieve.

Managing Director Extra Mile Services

EBO.ai is very excited to partner with Northwest London ARC. We are working together to bring EBO's Ai Conversation Management solution to help healthcare organisations better deal with appointment handling and management. We believe ARC is the right partner to help EBO pioneer the adoption of AI solution to other NHS trusts and organisations. Together, we believe this partnership will create better commercial opportunities for both organisations and a more seamless experience for healthcare patients. 


EBO.ai is delighted to partner with Mindway AI. Their technology solves the challenges of responsible gaming to an incredibly accurate level. We’ll be integrating our Virtual Agents with GameScanner, Mindway’s sophisticated detection solution. This means we can now assess the risk profile of every customer in just 15 minutes. As our Virtual Agents get to work learning about the gamer’s behaviour, their profile will include data from Mindway’s extensive trackers and algorithms and this will help us identify problems or unusual behaviours easier and faster. 


BMIT is a market leader in providing intelligent, secure infrastructure solutions. We’re extremely proud to work with BMIT to pioneer the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the iGaming industry through the creation of AI Virtual Agents. The Virtual Agent will be capable of handling 60-70% of all inbound repetitive queries that put an operational load on customer service agents using advanced NLP and machine learning capabilities. We’re also using AI to tackle key issues such as AML, KYC, Responsible Gaming, and Marketing to help organisations benefit from an improved customer experience.

BMIT Technologies

“At BMIT Technologies, we pride ourselves in offering the best technology solutions to our customers. Our solutions are built on resilient infrastructure and supported by the right set-up, a highly experienced team, as well as innovative thinking that helps our customers identify opportunities to enhance their business potential. 

We are very proud to partner with EBO.ai. Their specialism in the world of AI, as well as the commitment to excellence and innovation, is in line with our business philosophy and portfolio objectives. We’re very excited about this partnership."

CEO, BMIT Technologies


Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has partnered with EBO.ai to provide businesses with intuitive, intelligent customer service tools and support powered by the Vonage Communications Services Platform. With this new partnership, Vonage's Voice, Video and Messaging APIs now enable EBO's self-learning virtual agents to communicate across multiple channels seamlessly, providing a genuinely customer-centric experience using the most advanced AI technology.

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Through ideas, innovation and intelligence from our partner network we find yet more ways AI can meet the challenges of today. We share expertise, experience, diversity and ultimately achieve more together. 

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We are dedicated to seeing AI technology reach widespread adoption. Our partnership network allows us to work together with like-minded organisations to see the AI industry develop. 

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