MaxBet: The iGaming organisation that puts people first

On this episode, we had the privilege of speaking with Minja Bolesnikov, the CEO of Maxbet. In the era of iGaming innovation, it comes down to more than just technological advancements. Innovation and change should be considered across all fronts, including how we look at the people and culture within our organisation. Minja is an excellent example of someone who not only put his employees first by reassuring all of them that nobody was going to get furloughed or fired but also went out of his way to help the local people of Serbia with food, hospital trips and any resources they may need.

But first… who is Maxbet?

Maxbet is a group of companies around the Maxbet brand that have a presence across several European countries. With over 2,500 employees and 500 retail outlets, they pride themselves in being one of the largest online content providers in the betting and casino world. Their innovative approach has allowed them to break free from the traditional betting shop image to one which is a more socially dynamic hive for people looking to eat, mingle and do activities.

What was the impact of COVID?

With the CEO having a PhD in Finance, it runs within the organisation to have clarity and transparency when it comes to understanding the implications of COVID-19. They kept their strategy simple with two goals in mind. The first was to preserve the health and lives of their employees and they did this by making the early decision (before it was publically announced by the government) to close their retail outlets. Secondly, they protected their workforce by making a public announcement that none of them was going to get laid off.

Being one of the biggest content providers in the market helped Maxbet guide the customer journey during a time of uncertainty. They helped bridge the transition from the traditional high-street customer to the savvy online gamer.

Combining these two strategies has resulted in a higher degree of motivation, trust and loyalty to the brand and organisation.

Continuous Learning

The organisations that are most capable of thriving and the ones that are most open to learning. Strategy Director, Dom Wolf, perfectly spoke about the example of Apple because organisations that are known to take care of their customers are the ones that do exceptionally well compared to those that don’t. Although Maxbet is very open to learning, Minja also had a very clear vision on the trajectory of retail outlets and at what point their slope will curb to the ever-increasing appetite of online gaming.

One of the core strategies of Maxbet is to always partner with people. Their valued partners aren’t just organisations that drive the most commercial revenue, but those that have helped and supported each other even when it meant at the cost of their own profits. Why? because they pride themselves in putting humanity first.

This is a crucial lesson from Maxbet, they want to be a value-based organisation and work with people who also share this belief.

Dealing with an increase in customer demand

Maxbet did well not because they understood what COVID-19 would bring, they did well because they constantly improved their services. Unlike many iGaming organisations, innovation did not start when COVID-19 did, it started well before and as a result, they were able to cope extremely well under a pressured situation. In fact, so much so, that they were the ones calling their customers asking if anyone is sick, could they do something to help, do they require food, etc. As you can imagine, this is on the totally opposite end of the spectrum of the traditional organisation that was unable to cope with the high demand and left customers with an increase in wait times before speaking with agents.

Published May 2020

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