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Who we are

EBO is a leader in customer engagement automation. We help enterprises master customer engagement through AI technology, Big Data and Machine Learning. We combine the power of Artificial Intelligence with the flexibility of language and the scalability of the cloud, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional customer engagement solutions. Our mission is to help you get closer to customers by driving exceptional conversations.

We’ve designed one of the world’s most complete natural language platforms using pioneering AI technology. The platform empowers unique industry-specific products allowing businesses to offer truly human interaction. Simultaneously, it’s automating processes, solving problems quickly, and reducing customer services costs.

Overview of the Platform and the Product

You will have leadership over all technical aspects, roadmap and development. You will need to be both a visionary architect and capable of conversing with the Development team on the code making up EBO’s Platform. You will have the leadership role to bring the EBO Platform vision to reality in our products. The EBO Products are the specific applications of the platform to the needs of sectors (thus with specific integrations, reporting requirements, routines, logic, workflows, use-cases, platforms and security standards). The present sectors that EBO serves are: i) Healthcare, ii) Financial Services (specifically banking, insurance, Forex), iii) iGaming and iv) Telco.

To succeed you must possess strategic thinking and strong business acumen, being well-versed in the software and systems we use (more detail below). You will be a part of the top management team, working closely with our diverse team (spread over 11 countries) and partner community.

Background to Head of Platform

We currently have a development team with a senior developer who is supporting decision-making at a task level. The team works with the complexity of the ‘environment’. The environment contains an aggregate of:

  • Complex infrastructural tenancy and Azure elements (presently outsourced to a subject-matter expert).
  • Blue-print and high level solution architecture.
  • Functional elements emanating from code development (and its long-term maintainability).
  • Non-functional elements which impinge on our offering such as security, UI/UX.
  • EBO employs a Product Manager (PM) who manages the creation and curation of backlog items for development teams to work on. The management of the influx of requirements to deploy in our expanding client base remains his/her main focus.

The incoming HoPT will focus on the following strategic priorities:

  1. The leadership of EBO’s Platform system blueprint. Thus, a detailed technical specification of our environment which allows us to drive our roadmap coherently and own a common understanding of every element of the environment.
  2. Create and implement a technology roadmap which will enable EBO to maintain (and enhance) its product and its ability to take advantage of the latest best practice implementations.
  3. A strong understanding and experience in the use of the Technology Stack in use, Azure, MS components, Angular and web frameworks. The HoPT is expected to evolve the use of this technology stack and ensure best practice implementation across the stack.
  4. Develop, implement and ensure the maintenance of sound development practices within the technology stack.
  5. Have recent and extensive experience in the development of code within this environment in order to support the development team in decision making and detailed code / task level implementations.
  6. Develop an enhanced architecture of error logging and handled to support our capabilities to work within a very complicated technical environment
  7. Have the confidence and ability to take the lead on all technical decisions within the organisation and be capable of clearly explaining the options and decisions to both senior and technical personnel.

Key Responsibilities

As a catalyst, the HoPT acts as a credible, company-wide change agent instigating innovations that lead to new products or services, delivering IT capabilities in radically new ways or significantly improving the product. The HoPT as a catalyst has significant political capital and will enlist and align executive stakeholders to advance the company’s directives.

We are looking for a seasoned professional to join our team and help us build the capabilities and practices as EBO grows and matures. The responsibilities which will be assigned to this role are:

  • Define the technology roadmap for EBO’s Platform as part of a coherent technology strategy
  • Define, own and develop EBO’s Platform
  • Lead the work to build and maintain the technology stacks (front and back) and integrations
  • Responsible for EBO Platform development and its translation into EBO Product functionality
  • Build and manage a top-flight technology team
  • Facilitate the process of priority setting and decision making for meaningful and effective uses of technology
  • Act as a single point of escalation for all IT- related items including IT strategy, budget, resources, and issue resolution.
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators and metrics affecting the organization's technology assets; engage technical team as needed to meet goals or address issues.
  • Provide thought leadership within the organization; research and evaluate cutting-edge practices and enabling technologies for internal adoption; assess potential partnerships and acquisitions.
  • Respond to feedback from stakeholders and use it to make improvements or adjustments to technology.
  • Select technology suppliers, vendors, and third-party integrations to design the organization's architecture and the technology stack.
  • Establish and nurture effective relationships with collaborators, engineers, data scientists, product managers, and designers to make appropriate architectural and build vs. buy decisions.
  • Lead and build the data strategy, including data structure, data capture, AI and ML
  • Lead the internal and external development teams to build and upgrade the platform
  • Responsible for bug test, MVP and approve environments for launch
  • Own all technology and product to external stakeholders, partners, investors and future recruitment

Minimum Requirements

The successful candidate must demonstrate these skills/qualifications/experiences which will be assessed (i) pre-selection by our Recruitment Consultant, (ii) in interview, and (iii) through demonstrable references:

  1. 5+ years' experience of working on a CTO / Head of Platform or other relevant position
  2. Proven experience leading complex software development projects
  3. Proven experience building and scaling Enterprise solution
  4. Deep understanding of platform architecture and platform mechanics specifically in Azure
  5. Ability to grasp complex strategy issues and turn this into a technology product roadmap
  6. Able to lead internal and external teams (development, QA, infrastructure)
  7. Strong communication and leadership skills
  8. Strong problem-solving skills with strategic approach
  9. BSc or BA degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other related area; MSc or PhD other relevant graduate degree will be a bonus.
  10. Background in security protocols and certification standards (such as ISO27001)
  11. Deeply technical with a track record of successful delivery as an individual contributor.

In terms of technology Stack:

  1. 5+ years of experience in full-stack .NET software development.
  2. Enterprise-level deployments experience
  3. Systems programming using Visual Studio, C#, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET WebApi, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  4. Experience of using the Azure platform, PAAS and DevOps would be considered a benefit
  5. Knowledge of (preferable - experience in) Artificial Intelligence know-how (such as training models, machine learning, Python, NLP experience)
  6. Knowledge on Angular 10
  7. Scripting Configuration, Build and Testing for Continuous Integration Environments.
  8. Knowledge of Typescript functions (decorators, generic types, enums, unions, etc.).
  9. The ability to work with the browser API (storages, IndexedDB, workers, file readers, canvas, geolocation).
  10. Ability to use a wide variety of tools like Visual Studio Code, Git, NPM, Grunt, Chrome Dev tools.Experience with JavaScript frameworks
  11. Experience in automated testing using Selenium, Cypress or similar.
  12. Understand user experience and the importance of UI/UX.
  13. Experience working in a test-driven development environment.
  14. Experience with agile software development approaches including Scrum.
  15. Experience with Visual Studio Team Services for agile and CI development and GIT as a source control platform.
  16. Experience with REST API implementation.

What we offer

We invite you to visit our 'About us' page to learn more about us, our culture and how we got here.

For all our team (whether remote or working from our offices, whether employed or on contract) we offer:

  1. Fixed yearly investment in your continuous education and development.
  2. A technology budget.
  3. An intellectually stimulating opportunity in a fast-paced environment.
  4. A dynamic, collaborative team to develop and shape an ambitious business.
  5. A competitive success-oriented remuneration package.
  6. Flexible hours with no specific demands about location.
  7. Family Friendly Measures.
  8. It Won’t Be Boring: Try new things. Think outside the box. We celebrate an environment that fights stagnation and challenges the status quo.

Generally, candidates fit in when ...

Culture is one of the most important determinants of success and ‘fit’. You will fit right in if:

  • You are bright and ready to work in a smart team which will challenge you.
  • You are agile and have an entrepreneurial start-up mentality. You understand that effort is not the point. Impact is.
  • You are open to learn. Working in a fast-growing tech start-up means you are an important member of a team. The unique way in which you problem-solve and learn will be critical.
  • You are ready to roll-up your sleeves. Being in an agile organisation means that you must be responsible, reliable, versatile and willing to explore improvement opportunities. You will be empowered to take decisions, so we want to count on you to bring opportunities to fruition whatever it takes.

To apply for this job email your details to hello@ebo.ai

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