The Game is Up: How customer service is changing the gaming sector


Customer service teams are often the first to be cut when a business is under pressure. The Star Group and MultiLotto brands are the latest of Malta’s gaming companies to announce cost-cutting and job axes.

The Star Group aren’t alone. Unfortunately, they join a growing list of gaming companies that have had no choice. The industry is changing rapidly and these headlines reflect the pressure businesses are under. Regulation changes seem to be throwing constant challenges that impact user growth and revenue.

Dramatic job cuts have people questioning businesses and worried about local economies. And quite rightly – these are scary moments for any business, driven by urgency and often with no time to plan change effectively. BUT it doesn’t have to be like this!

At, we meet businesses time and time again who seem to be facing problems from all sides and fortunately, we can show them a solution. We get to show them how they can use technology to adjust and future-proof before the need for scary headline-grabbing decisions.

Customer service cuts lose more than people.

As well as the press attention and the reputation damage that comes along with it, this kind of business change comes at a huge cost (no pun intended). Great customer service is the lifeblood of a business and overnight cuts in this department loses more than people.

Customer service agents are valuable assets for a business. As the first line, they often know customers like no one else. Even in a digital world, they are the closest to the customer’s pain points and often know instantly where the friction is in the customer journey. In a recent survey of the gaming industry, we found that 75% of agents’ time is spent dealing with the exact same repetitive inbound customer enquiries. That’s hours and hours of direct customer interaction that’s being lost completely. And potentially not replaced. Cutting the department may be the cost-saver that’s needed but with no plan B, it’s customer experience that’s taking the hit. Ironically, at a time when customer experience should be a priority.

Hold on, why is an AI company backing real humans?

Human interaction still drives business and we believe this fact won’t change.
Changes to the way businesses operate customer services are inevitable. But the kind of dramatic job cuts that make the headlines can be avoided.

So what’s the answer? How do businesses manage the pressure to cut costs and keep up with consumer demand for amazing customer service? Technology, of course. But not just any technology and not ONLY technology. While tech solves so many of the problems, it’s managing the change and striking the balance that’s crucial.

Too many companies we meet have tried and failed to adopt a digital approach to their customer service problems. Often this is because off the shelf customer service software doesn’t fit the requirements, is hard to integrate and doesn’t do the job humans can do. The customer management operation is poor and outdated. Where there is an appetite to change, we see big companies attempting huge projects to build technology in house and meeting problems launching. No wonder tech isn’t seen as the answer.

Enter AI technology.

The winners here will be the companies who manage the change well. Virtual Agents, and the AI technology that underpin them, offer a huge opportunity to transform a customer service operation from a money burning problem child into an efficient workforce.

Adopting the right technology from the start will mean gaming companies can work through the changing landscape and ensure user growth doesn’t damage the bottom line.

We’re seeing our clients adapt and respond to the challenges they’re facing. Automation, powered by AI, allows these companies to shift to new approach to customer service. This is a small dedicated customer service team to interact with the most important issues, while the fully scalable AI solution addresses over 75% of customer enquiries, meaning the costs of operating don’t increase with user growth.

‘It’s been a tough year for the gaming sector. We’re working to make sure our clients have a viable option. Our platform only works if we’re offering a tech solution that makes good business sense. We’re not replacing humans with robots, this is a process of striking the balance between world-class technology and the humans that make business happen.’
– Gege Gatt, CEO, is a leader in customer engagement automation, helping companies to solve today’s biggest customer challenge – communication at scale whilst keeping interactions truly human, automating processes and keeping costs low.

Published September 2019

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