SIGMA 2019 – Dr. Gege Gatt Speaks about Taking Data Driven Action through People Analytics

Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO, speaks about AI within the HR industry at SIGMA 2019, an annual summit which has set high standards as one of the leading iGaming showcases on a global scale.

During the event, Dr. Gatt speaks about AI within the HR industry and how it is enabling companies to use and leverage its data effectively, in ways that align with a company’s business goals. Watch to find out more.

HR Displacement

EBO is all about automating processes in customer service and engagement. One of the key topics which it deals with is HR displacement – a transformation of an organisation’s team. This displacement refers to a refocus of a company’s team efforts where they can provide higher levels of productivity – moving from data collection and repetitive routine tasks to instead, interpreting the outcome of such data.

“It is less about the ability to collect data but far more about the ability to interpret outcomes of that data to make it effective on the front line”.

The goal here is to change information into insight.

AI will never replace human intuition but it will inform it. This is the big transition we are seeing in the present economic climate – we are used to having organisations which take decisions purely by gut to decisions being informed by data and checked by gut.

AI has become far less artificial but more intelligent.

AI is today very much representing how us humans are approaching problem solving and decision making. The benefits of AI are not only available to huge enterprises but also accessible to smaller companies which need this tech to aid their competitive advantage. is a leader in customer engagement automation, helping companies to solve today’s biggest customer challenge – communication at scale whilst keeping interactions truly human, automating processes and keeping costs low. 

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Published December 2019

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