From plane tickets to technology. How Greentube made the rapid transition during COVID-19.

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Today we kicked off our new iGaming podcast by picking the brains of some of the most influential people in the sector. We spoke to Trevor De Giorgio and Antonello Cuschieri from Greentube – the iGaming giant that operates in all aspects of the industry across the world – about the impact of COVID-19 on their business and the industry.

What does COVID-19 mean for a business like Greentube? 

There is no aspect of life or business that hasn’t been turned upside down by this pandemic. So what about a business that operates on such a scale, across b2b, b2c and social gaming? We’ve talked before about the endless challenges the industry faces, even within a regular non-crisis context.  Turns out, despite vast complex operations, it’s pretty much business as usual for Greentube. The Greentube seniors spoke to us from their home offices with a calm that only proves why the business has been so successful. 

  • This is a business that understands that success in this industry relies on being able to adapt to challenges. 
  • Size doesn’t matter – the business needs to work together. Greentube may be constantly expanding but they face one direction ‘all departments need to complement each other’
  • The biggest change has been to the way the company communicates ‘but our operations are moving with the same momentum’

A smooth transition to the new normal

Astoundingly, Greentube took just a week to adapt to the biggest transformation to its operations ever. They took action before any official governmental lockdown, sending their workforce, including customer service staff, home as soon as they realised what might be coming. 

What can an iGaming business learn here?

  • Customer experience is everything. Monitoring the quality of customer service through the changes has been a priority. The MD makes a point of call listening himself
  • Culture is key. The teams, from management to front of house, are even thriving under these conditions, a result they put down to a solid culture of belonging that’s at the heart of the business

iGaming post COVID-19 

The two influencers talked of the opportunity here for the Industry. Those who want to thrive should be looking ahead. They called for  

  • A fresh look at responsible gaming, particularly advertising during the crisis
  • A rethink or working lifestyles…’perhaps we don’t need to spend hours on a plane’ – an exciting prospect for the environment

The money we save on plane tickets is going on technology

We need trustworthy tech more than ever now to maintain standards for our business and our customers. The exciting part is that tech is out there.

‘We have to invest more in tech, we are digital companies’ What’s clear is that in the face of a global crisis, the iGaming sector needs to take learnings. Despite everything, Trevor and Antonello have high hopes for the sector. They make a call to the iGaming sector to take this opportunity to improve monitoring, make no assumptions that we are immune to anything and learn to stay on the ball – look at preparing rather than reacting to challenges, big or small. 

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Published April 2020

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