EBO’s AI is the Banking and Financial Services Industry’s new best friend- Part 3

Financial Services

In part 1 and part 2 of our series on AI automation in the BFSI industry, we explored how AI is becoming mission critical to the BFSI Industry and increasingly plays a bigger part in all facets of day-to-day operations.

AI is capable of automating, reengineering, and transforming many aspects of your business. When utilised properly, you will see tangible benefits including brilliant customer service, eliminating the tasks that inhibit workflow, dramatic improvements in efficiency, and tangible cost savings.

This is accomplished in the following ways:

EBO’s AI Automation

AI Automation is having a considerable impact on how the banking and finance industry functions and operates. In essence, automation does what it always has done: takes a repetitive task and performs them automatically. AI automation, however, takes it to a new level.

AI Automation can be set to choose when to automate the task. This often follows touch point activation. For example, one of your clients has a query and starts a conversation with an automated AI. During this conversation, they ask to be directed to a manager. As this conversation is taking place outside office hours, the AI records the contact details of the client and tries to obtain as much information as possible. It then notifies the relevant person that a client wants to talk to them.

At all times the AI is polite and courteous. While it is helping one client on your website, it is assisting a prospect on Facebook, while directing a Twitter user to your product range. We call this ‘automating conversations at scale‘. Once in place, you can:

    • Use Automated AI to assist leads, prospects, and clients with queries. This can operate on social media channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp as well as your own website.
    • Cut costs by using automated AI to handle the day-to-day. This can greatly relieve and assist staff who find themselves answering the same questions day in day out. Your new AI won’t need a salary or pension and works 24/7.
    • AI automation is so much more than stock answers to questions. EBO’s AI is aware of the context of the conversation and as such responses are more engaging and more on-point. This provides superior customer service to a basic ‘chatbot’ and makes the AI more of a valuable business tool. This opens the door to possibilities hitherto impossible a few years ago.

EBO’s AI Transforming your Business

As the BSFI industry becomes more data-driven, the need for artificial intelligence solutions to step in and help senior managers make sense of it becomes apparent. With the buzz of channels generating data all the time, tracking and linking the data together in a meaningful form is increasingly taxing and time-consuming.

Once AI is in play, the digital transformation process can take place. This ensures that:

    • You can apply new touch points to collect the data needed for better decision-making.
    • The data is collected 24/7 and can be displayed at a button push.
    • The data can be linked with other relevant data via touch points and reports formatted by the AI.
    • The AI can be configured to mine the data you need to extract and format results.
    • Many of the automated tasks outlined above can be used to collect valuable data.

The data once collected can be presented in a meaningful form providing actionable business intelligence to help you make better-informed decisions.

Making your Business More Efficient and Cost-Effective

Artificial intelligence will make your business more efficient and cost-effective. With its ability to speed up workflow through automation, perform tasks accurately and to a schedule, our AI can re-engineer your business. Imagine if the onboarding of new talent is taken care of via an AI. How much time would this save your HR department?

With our AI automating your workflow:

  • You can realise tangible cost savings. Tasks that were holding your teams down are now handled by your AI, making departments more cost-effective, agile, and efficient. Productivity increases are realised.
  • Your workflow is accelerated as AI is now completing tasks in an instant.
  • You can rest assured that your AI is performing its assigned tasks. AI never forgets to perform a task or become too busy to complete it.

Implement AI into your Organisation

AI is the future, and to discover the future get in touch today. Our AI will help you improve nearly every aspect of your business. Our bespoke AI solutions will help you drive profits and reduce expenditure. You will see productivity increase as workflow accelerates.

Email hello@www.ebo.ai or click here and request a demo. Our consultants are experts in assessing business needs and formulating the right solution to help your organisation become more agile and more competitive.

Published October 2018

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