Meet Cora, our virtual agent for healthcare.

We’ve built Cora in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim to relieve some of the immense pressures being put on the healthcare institutions. 

We’re working to meet some key needs:

  • The public need for reliable information and dialogue with their healthcare authority
  • Healthcare institutions need to focus their attention and resources on what matters most.

For the public, Cora offers a way to stay in touch, informed and connected with the healthcare institutions, without putting unneeded pressure on services. 

For Healthcare institutions, Cora provides a direct way to communicate new and reliable information through multiple channels smoothly and efficiently. 

With Cora, the public has a source of reliable information and a place to get their specific questions answered instantly, without call wait times and just as if they were speaking to a member of a healthcare team.  Plus Cora is on hand 24/7, 7 days a week. 

Cora is a virtual agent.

85% of patient queries can be dealt with without human interaction. Cora answers questions, signposts other services, identifies the patient and looks into their specific case, all by holding an ongoing conversation in natural language. She can even understand the sentiment. 

Cora can expertly answer the most common COVID-19 questions on symptoms, travel and how to stay safe. Many queries are repetitive or similar, meaning Cora can provide relevant information easily. For more complex needs, Cora can escalate or connect to other services. She can look into a specific query about an individual appointment booking and capture contact information, sharing alerts straight into staff inboxes as and when necessary. 

And she answers right away, on mobile or desktop. Thanks to Microsoft, everything is fully encrypted with the strictest of security.

*Cora is not a chatbot, see FAQs

Appointment Management 

Another pressure is keeping up with services that aren’t directly related to COVID-19. Cora can manage appointment queries by identifying patients 

Cora is built and supported by Microsoft

EBO is a Microsoft Silver Partner, meaning we can ensure Cora is secure, robust and making use of the most innovative technology. 

The Microsoft product suite has supported the development of Cora, as well as allowing the technology to reach new channels and easily scale for fast deployment. 

Cora is ready to use now

Thanks to Microsoft, deployment is fast, usually within 48 hours. There’s minimum configuration as Cora makes use of existing systems. And because this is AI, Cora is continuously learning and improving. 

We are committed to changing healthcare with AI and empowering patients.

Myths/Q&A FAQs

Aren’t Virtual Agents really expensive?

Our clients use Virtual Agents to cut costs, not add them. Many see their support costs cut in half, often saving up to 50%-80% a year on their existing customer support team costs.

Plus, Virtual Agents handle 60-80% of patient enquiries by automating repetitive tasks and answering common queries, freeing up employees for only the complex and important tasks.

What other work have you done in Healthcare?

We’re glad you asked. Please click here to head over to our Healthcare page, where you can find a downloadable guide that talks about our work in the Healthcare industry. 

Do you have success stories?

You bet! We believe our AI Virtual Agents are changing the world. Check out our success stories now.

Is a Virtual Agent the same as a chatbot?

Short answer, no. Here’s the difference:

Who is EBO?

We’re a leader in patient and user engagement automation, helping enterprise organisations to solve today’s biggest user challenge – communication at scale. We work with finance, gaming and healthcare businesses. 

Published May 2020

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