Conversation Design Specialist strives to create delightful conversational experiences that help brands connect with customers on a personal level. We’re on a mission to make brands more human and accessible. AI Virtual Agents are a new communication channel for organisations to engage with their customers. Writers will enable this technology to come to life.

We’re looking for a Conversation Design specialist who is a true digital native, passionate about the way we communicate and connect with each other. The applicant should be a talented wordsmith with a strong understanding of user experience, has the ability to understand and capture the business needs of each customer as well as the flair to design exceptional conversational flows and NLP Training models that meet our clients’ business objectives.

Conversation Design Specialist Vacancy

What you will be responsible for;

  • Meet with’s customers to gather their business needs;
  • Develop text and related media content within for the AI Virtual Agent to understand, interact and communicate with end-users based on pre-agreed workflows;
  • Build in the dialogs for the AI Virtual Agent using our exceptional dialog designer module within EBO’s platform.
  • Develop NLP training models for our AI Virtual Agent based on best practice and explore methods of improvement for machine learning models in terms of deployment, testing and optimisation;
  • Tweak, manage and take responsibility for the text, related media content and training models created;
  • Collect feedback from customers, product manager and engineering teams to guide and improve creation;
  • Assure project content meets standards of quality, measured in terms of persuasion, consistency, delightfulness, uniqueness, and of course recognition, correctness and confidence;
  • Advocate for best practices in conversation design and training models;
  • Work closely with EBO’s cross-functional teams to coordinate all aspects of agreement and deliverables.

Role Requirements:

The most critical requirement is the cultural fit. If you have the right attitude, we’ll invest in you and help you grow in the role. Nevertheless, we often look out for these qualities: 

Desired Competencies and Job Requirements:

  • Demonstrable experience in business analysis and workshop facilitation skills are required;
  • Background in NLP and content creation for AI Virtual Agents is required or demonstrable interest;
  • The technical knowledge and ability to grasp concepts of AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing;
  • A superlative command of written English language, high standards for excellence, attention to detail, patience, positivity, drive, holistic thinking, and hands-on creativity
  • 2-3 years of working experience;
  • Creativity, enthusiasm and positive thinking, always with the aim to resolve challenges;
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good communication skills;
  • Ability to work in a versatile role that requires a high level of flexibility;
  • Creativity in implementing solutions with a capacity to deliver in a fast-paced environment;
  • Experience working in a scrum and agile environment is a plus
  • Background in advertising, marketing, and product design is a big plus;
  • Having already written/built a bot is a plus;
  • Additional design and/or software development skills are a plus;
  • Experience with user testing to learn about customers and A/B testing for growth optimization is a plus;
  • Ability to gracefully give, receive, and incorporate feedback;
  • Self-motivation and proactive drive: you think ahead and are a pro at balancing time, competing priorities, and deadlines.
  • Education: Minimum: Bachelor’s Degree. Preferred but not a pre-requisite: Human Language Technology, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Linguistics or related degree.
  • Cultural fit is critical in our selection and having the right energy and confidence to hit the ground running.

We Care:

EBO is on a mission to help the business get closer to their customers through exceptional conversations. We can’t succeed in our vision without a strong and dedicated workforce. We care – deeply – about our team and offer:

  • A dynamic, collaborative team; space to develop and shape ambitious business ideas;
  • Competitive success-oriented remuneration package plus sales-commission and bonus earnings;
  • Delicious breakfasts and lunches, amazing snack selections, and the best coffee in Malta;
  • A buzzing tech-startup environment;
  • Flexible hours;
  • Family Friendly Measures;
  • It Won’t Be Boring: Try new things. Think outside the box. We celebrate an environment that fights stagnation and challenges the status quo.

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