Can Chatbots Stop Cyber Attacks?

As our lives become more and more digitalised, the risk of experiencing a cyber attack increase as well. The key to either avoiding or limiting the damage that such an attack can cause lies in responding in a fast and efficient manner. Whilst installing the latest anti-virus software, keeping your hardware secure, and following online security best-practices are all effective to a certain extent, the question remains, can chatbots stop cyber attacks as well?

The answer is yes, they can.

Can Chatbots Stop Cyber Attacks?

Machine Learning and Language Processing

One of the fundamental components of a chatbot is its ability to utilise machine learning and language processing techniques to carry out its duties. These same skills can be used to detect malicious code and red flags before a human analyst would even know what they are looking for. A chatbot is programmed and designed to translate and interpret human language input and this can be combined with security expertise to create a 24/7, round-the-clock automated security guardian.

Increasing Efficiency

Another big challenge for security teams is resources. To defend against attacks, an analyst is required to crawl through millions of running processes to attempt to detect malicious behaviour. This can take days and multiple team members. Having a significant impact on a company’s resources. A chatbot can process millions of pieces of information in mere seconds and then be able to ask the user if they wish to stop or kill any suspicious processes.

Detecting ongoing attacks

In the business world, there are many occasions where one company’s network may need to connect to another. This could also apply to members of staff working remotely and needing to connect to the company’s infrastructure. In cases such as this, before any connection is made, a chatbot can be utilised to check the secondary network for any compromises. Before connecting, you could simply ask the chatbot “Have there been any ransomware alerts in the past 48 hours?” or even “Has this network been compromised by malicious behaviour in the last 24 hours?”. As long as the chatbot is pre-programmed to understand such commands, it would be able to provide you with the answers you require in seconds.

Scalability and Adaptability

The great thing about chatbots and AI is that they are designed to learn. A good chatbot will offer flexibility, scalability and adaptability and will be able to continue its learning process over time. The more that you “teach” the bot, and the more data that is inputted into it, the more it will adapt to the needs of the user. It’s essential for the chatbot to remain up to date and responsive when it comes to detecting, and preventing cyber-attacks.

Can Chatbots Stop Cyber Attacks?

These are just a couple of the ways that a chatbot could be used for the purpose of protecting an individual’s online security as well as combating cyber attacks. As the power of AI continues to develop, expect to see this type of software expanding its capabilities to provide more solutions for businesses and individuals alike. If you are interested in discovering more about how a chatbot such as ebo could work for you, then get in touch to find out more.

Published January 2018

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