BMIT partners with to deliver AI Virtual Agents for iGaming


We’re excited to announce that has signed a strategic partnership agreement with BMIT Technologies plc. The partnership will focus on bringing’s Virtual Agents to the iGaming sector. 

Virtual Agents and iGaming?

The iGaming sector is facing a growing need to adopt technology to protect profit margins and reduce costs, especially in the era of Covid-19. 

Customers of iGaming platforms expect instant support, 24/7, in the languages they speak. After speaking with over 600 Customer Service agents, we discovered that 60-80% of inbound customer traffic is repetitive in nature. This puts operational pressure on the platforms, increasing wait times and worsening the customer experience. Virtual Agents remove this pressure, and offer an automated solution to many of the pain points surrounding AML, Responsible Gaming, Customer Service and Marketing. 


We love working with other businesses, especially when their business philosophy is aligned with ours. BMIT, a listed company, is a market leader in developing intelligent, secure infrastructure solutions that help businesses enhance their capabilities and identify opportunities through innovation. They are also one of the biggest players in the iGaming space with over 300 clients in this sector. 

What does this partnership mean? and BMIT are launching ‘BMIT Technologies CX Virtual Agents’. The smart Virtual Agents will cover a range of use cases, aimed at reducing churn and improving customer experience. The Virtual Agents will use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to help iGaming organisations with Customer Support, as well as KYC, AML, Responsible Gaming, Marketing and Onboarding.

6 reasons why this is awesome

  1. Enhance, not replace:

    Firstly, BMIT CX Virtual Agents work with existing customer service agents. If the Virtual Agent doesn’t understand a customer or senses frustration, the Virtual Agent hands over the conversation to a human. 

  2. Enter new markets:

    We found a key priority for iGaming organisations is entering new markets. The BMIT CX Virtual Agents support multiple languages, allowing iGaming organisations to scale quickly and sustainably. 

  3. Support when it is needed:

    We’re one of the only organisations in Malta that provides on-site support with our dedicated team of local AI specialists. 

  4. Continuous development:

    We pride ourselves in market innovation and scaling our technology solution to fit the needs of our customers. This is why EBO has pushed new updates and releases every two weeks rather than once a quarter as bigger players typically do. 

  5. Platform-agnostic:

    Not only can we synchronise with multiple CRM’s using API technology, but we also give customers the ability to start a conversation on one platform and continue on another. 

  6. Backed by Microsoft:

    One of the only AI organisations in Malta that is working so closely with Microsoft who proudly advocate our technology solution. 

We can’t wait to get started! 

Our track record

Our AI Virtual Agents have already helped many global organisations including MAPFRE, eCabs, BNF Bank, GasanMamo, St James Hospital to but name a few. 

Published June 2020

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