What is EBO? – Human Conversations, Automated


We’re on a mission to give companies the ability to use AI technology to get closer to their customer.

The world of customer service, lead-management and sales is relentless and never ending. The calls and contact points are endless. Digital, mobile, social. Too many ways to be contacted. And then there is the other side. Fast-growing companies run into the same contact centre problems. Staff turnover, training challenges and inability to scale, and info given by agents is rarely standardized (or consistent).

Keeping up with technology and the needs of your customer. Looking ahead. Thinking differently. Be better. That’s what we help you do. We make the hard work of customer service, lead-management and sales a bit easier. And then as an added benefit we include data and analytics, meaning the optimisation and improvement of conversations with customers and patients truly never ends.

We make customer service easier and simpler – so you can focus on the running your business. We help customer service fulfil the needs of the customer quickly and efficiently.  

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Published January 2019

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