The Power of Internal Communication with Chatbots

As a business owner, one of the most important parts of your work is ensuring that the channels of communication between your employees are open and free flowing. Ensuring your staff talk, discuss, brainstorm, and are united is an integral part of keeping the cogs of your company well oiled. But implementing efficient ways of communicating can be a bit tough. Gone are the days of leaflets and company newsletters, and now the days of company intranet and emails whizzing around are also numbered.

So how do you keep your employees engaged without wasting time and money, while managing to add value to their working experience? With chatbots. That’s how.

Group of employees

An average of 88 emails a day

An employee working in a medium sized business receives an average of 88 emails each working day and the chances are that most of these will be internal emails. Events, holiday’s, network upgrades, Clair from accounting’s birthday – these emails appear in droves and take up valuable working time, as well as adding to the stress of having an ever expanding inbox. Nowadays, internal emails either get lost and forgotten among the deluge of communication, or they end up in the trash folder without so much as a single glance. Many companies the think “oh, let’s create an intranet” but let’s be honest, who actually uses to them? Clunky, slow, and not the most intuitive of platforms, they can often take more time to get to grips with than to use for their intended purpose.

Using a chatbot to manage all internal communication means less effort for your employees as well as a fun, innovative, and seamless solution to the email issue. You can install the chatbot on a messaging platform that your employees are already on such as Facebook, Skype, or Slack, meaning they don’t have to go to any additional effort to access another platform, solely for work-related communication.

Real time solutions

Chatbots also work in real time, can answer your employees questions and queries and can even process requests such as holiday leave, sick leave, or the updating of personal details. Another benefit is the fact that by the very nature of the platforms they work on, the messages are short and straight to the point. No cumbersome or rambling emails here, chatbots are concise, quick, and are more likely to be engaged with than a 500-word email.

On hand 24/7

Using chatbots, you can push out messages such as announcements whenever you need to, but the bot will also be on hand 24/7 for whenever the employee needs it. There is no waiting around for someone from HR to get back from their lunch break, and no chasing up emails or phone calls – a chatbot can assist employees any time of day or night, any day of the year.

A chatbot such as ebo can be tweaked to suit your every internal business need. From onboarding new staff to answering questions and processing holiday leave, it can communicate with your team at lightning speed and in a fun and innovative way. Contact us here to find out more!

Published April 2018

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