Using Bots in HR to Improve Employee Performance

AI bots are everywhere, and the chances are that in 2018, you have probably encountered one and interacted with one at some point, you may not have even realised it. Predominantly used for customer service purposes, bots are able to engage in a two-way conversations, answer questions, solve problems, and even process transactions on a 24-7 basis. But did you know that they can also be used within companies to improve the performance of a range of departments? One such department that can benefit from the use of bots is Human Resources. Let us read on to find out more.

Cost Saving

Bots are proven to drive down operational costs, increase labour efficiency, and deliver better levels of service on an on-demand basis. By allowing a bot to take over certain functions within a company, you reduce the number of man-hours that are needed, therefore you reduce costs.

Hiring staff, particularly on a large scale can be incredibly time consuming. Using a bot can help speed up the screening process by collecting prospective employee’s information and performing tasks such as background checks.


Using bots to help with the on-boarding process saves a lot of human administrative effort. They can request information, process documents, and save relevant data in a database. They have the ability to serve as a medium between the employee and workforce management software programmes.

Company Policies

Using a bot to function as an HR support centre can be a huge help when it comes to providing seasonal or temp employees with relevant or helpful HR information. They can function as a mobile HR assistant that can provide employees with answers to frequently asked questions.

Employee Training

Even employee training can be enhanced through the use of bots. Because they allow two-way conversation and interaction, they can be used to impart information, as well as to react and respond to information that is imparted to them in response.

Benefits Enrolment

Benefits enrolment can be one of the most cumbersome parts of the HR process, but luckily using a chatbot to gather all of the required data and documents can make things run a lot more smoothly. As well as being able to request and save particular bits of information, the bot can also answer questions about specific benefits.

Vacation/Time Management

Want to book some time off? Had a sick day? Or were late for work one day? Gone are the days of sending emails to the HR department and chasing up responses because now a bot can handle the whole procedure from start to finish. This means that plans can be made more quickly and efficiently, and the chance of human error is removed.

Annual Self Assessments

Self-assessments can be tiresome and over 58% of HR professionals believe that the traditional way of doing things is outdated. By using a bot, the instant exchange of performance insights, as well as feedback enables staff to be the best at what they do, at all times.

A bot such as ebo can make huge changes to the way your company works. From handling your customers enquiries, to improving the way that your internal processes work, bot technology can help you to not only become more efficient, but it can cut your costs as well. To find out more, get in touch!

Published March 2018

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