The Power of Two Way Conversations

Communication makes the world go around, and in an environment where technology is influencing every single part of our lives, the way in which we interact with each other is changing too. The way in which two people communicate is the fundamental cornerstone of building a relationship – two way conversations, questions and answers, opinions, suggestions, and assistance are all ways in which we build trust and familiarity with each other. Did you know that this practice is being implemented into chatbots?

Two Way Conversations

Two Way Conversations and Chatbots

So how exactly does this work when we introduce chatbots into the mix? The need for online, automatic and around-the-clock customer service is ever-increasing and for many businesses, having a dedicated customer service team on standby 24/7 is very costly. More and more large and small businesses are utilising chatbot technology to provide their customers with help, guidance, assistance, and even to facilitate transactions in the form of two way conversations.

Going above and beyond your customers’ expectations and offering a superior level of service means you will maintain your customer base and even win some over from your competitors. But providing service that doesn’t interact with them in the way that they need, will have the opposite effect.

Two Way Conversations

Advancements in the Field

The chatbots of today are becoming so advanced that they are now very capable of engaging in a two-way conversation with customers. What’s more, they are also able to replicate human patterns of speech to the point where many people believe that they are speaking with another person. Chabot’s can listen to and then answer your queries, provide you with information, guide you, and even engage in chit-chat – should you so desire.

Gone are the days where a bot would give you clunky and irrelevant responses, in 2018 they can now engage in a full two-way conversation and manage all of the basic communication tasks that would have previously been undertaken by a human being. This means not only does the company not need to spend a fortune on customer service agents but because the level of service is increased, you achieve a much higher level of customer satisfaction. Loyal, happy customers are more willing to spend their hard earned money on your products and services.

Say Hello to ebo!

A fully customisable and integrated chatbot such as ebo can emulate the natural flow of conversation to the point that it is almost indistinguishable from a real human being. This means that even if your customer wants to place an order at 4 am or has a question about a product on a bank holiday – they can engage in an articulate and informative conversation with a chatbot that not only has all of the facts, but that can communicate them in a natural way.

Chatbots learn from every conversation that they have so the more they converse, they more they learn. This means that as time marches on, their ability to chat naturally with humans will increase to the point where it will be impossible to tell whether we are speaking to a super-efficient customer service agent or a friendly chatbot like ebo. Want to learn more about how ebo can help your business grow? Contact us today!