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Fast-growing Banks and Insurance companies run in the same customer service problems. Staff turnover, training nightmares, repetitive processes and difficulties to scale.

Good news - at EBO, we solve them!

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Perfect for banks, fintechs and insurance companies

A better way to acquire,
engange and retain customers

EBO is an AI Virtual Agent which is currently disrupting the
customer experience industry.

customer engagement

calls reduction

x 1.5
in brand consideration

EBO is intelligent and highly adaptable. It can automate a huge range of interactions with your customers. Specifically designed to emulate the natural conversational flow of humans.

Messaging apps are prevalent in customer service roles across the globe. EBO works across multiple platforms and devices. Respond to your customers immediately.

Use EBO on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and much more. Implement EBO into your own website, mobile app, and email. Answer your customers on any device, anywhere, at any time. The days of automated human conversations are here, 24/7.

  • Personalisation & Efficiency

  • Instant Communication & Availability

  • Security & Privacy

  • Free Flowing Conversation

  • Natural Language & Tone Detection

  • Contextual Awareness

Perfect for banks, fintechs and insurance companies

Don’t stay behind -
Grow faster

Outperform competitors who have outdated, manual on-boarding processes, With EBO you will:

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  • Automate your sales funnel

  • Offer a consistent experience

  • Drive product and service sales with detailed analytics

  • Reach millennials across all channels and devices

  • Operate 24/7 and real time

  • Support multiple languages, devices and channels

  • Integrate to your existing data platforms

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Grow your customer service centre to cater for peaks in your business. With EBO you get:

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  • A scaleable tool to handle ten or a million enquiries per day

  • No more headaches around recruiting and retaining agents

  • Ability to quickly respond to complex customer enquiries

  • Fast go-to-market time when you need to change response-scripts

  • A gold-mine of data about your customer’s needs and wants

  • Consistency in your messaging across any platform

  • Full process automation reducing operational cost

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EBO will reduce the operational costs associated with customer service. With EBO you get:

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  • Structured monthly fees

  • Immediate reduction of recruitment, induction and salary costs

  • Activation of your customer data

  • Audience expansion with higher product consideration

  • Hyper-targeting of your audience resulting in higher loyalty

  • Improvement of customer experience and satisfaction

  • Friendly, human and engaging dialogues that suit your corporate voice.

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AI is trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses

„Executives are becoming aware of what is at stake: our survey research shows that 45 percent of executives who have yet to invest in AI fear falling behind competitively.“

„By 2020, organizations in cognitive and AI projects will achieve 4x long-term success than others“

„Revenue performance leaders are embracing AI to their advantage, while others run the risk of falling further behind.“

„Deep learning pioneer Andrew Ng recently said, “AI is the new electricity,” meaning that it will be found everywhere and create new jobs that weren’t imaginable before its appearance.“

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