Choosing the right B2C Mobile Messaging Apps

Can you think back to the last time you sent a regular SMS or even a letter? The way we communicate has changed drastically in the last few years and platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Kik, Twitter, Slack, and even Instagram have revolutionised the way that we connect. Keeping up to date on the best b2c mobile messaging apps is fundamental to connecting with your customers.

B2C mbile messaging apps

As the technology that powers these apps continues to develop, they are beginning to move beyond social use and are gaining a foothold in the business and commercial sector. Technology such as social media integrated chatbots can engage with customers and provide answers to questions and queries. They can also be on hand 24/7 to assist with purchases, transactions, and troubleshooting. But picking the right B2C mobile messaging platform is a little easier said than done – these are some of the considerations you should make.

Think about Platform Intent

WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger are originally social media platforms used for connecting friends, organising hen parties and posting pictures of your morning cappuccino. Whilst they are great at these things, the jury is still out as to whether they are truly suited to businesses operations such as facilitating transactions and exchanging confidential information. There is little doubt that mobile chat is the future, but at the moment you need to properly evaluate the suitability of each platform in terms of your requirements and the expectations of your customers.

Privacy Issues and Data Protection

We all know that social media can be prone to issues surrounding privacy and data protection and most of these companies have made their fortunes from selling the data of their users. Facebook, for example, takes data from its users’ private conversations and uses it to advertise products depending on the individual’s preferences. People generally do not like this idea and it is likely that many users may not feel comfortable handing over sensitive details on its messaging app. Bearing this in mind, if you will be handling sensitive information during chats, it could be best to look at a range of apps on the market to find that one that suits you, and reassures your customers.

Brand impact of B2C Mobile Messaging Apps

Some businesses are more suited to the world of b2c mobile messaging apps than others. If your business functions in the retail, media, or real estate sector for example, the likelihood is that your customers are more likely to want to engage via social media than say, the client of a law firm. The approach of using social media, or chatbots for communication between customers and clients is rather novel, and there are some users that will not yet feel comfortable doing so. Ensuring that your brand suits this type of approach, and enjoys enough credibility to do so, is paramount to your success.

B2C mbile messaging apps

In 2018, customer satisfaction is the driving force behind a business’s success and the customers of today are even more demanding than ever. People want answers to their questions there and then, and ideally in the most efficient way possible. B2c Mobile messaging apps and the use of chatbots on company social media and communication channels is a very powerful vehicle that can make drastic savings for businesses, whilst increasing revenue and customer happiness. The key is to know how to use it effectively and to ensure that you are using the best platform for you and your business objectives.

Are you looking to implement a chatbot in your business? Are you still unsure what the right messaging platform for your business is? Contact us today and we can help you make the right decision.

Published March 2018

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