EBO offers a tailor-made customer service automation capable of handling up to 80% inbound enquiries without human intervention

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of customers will abandon an online transaction if their question is not addressed quickly

of on line customers expect help in under five minutes

of inbound enquiries from customers are repetitive

(McKinsey survey)

(EBO survey from 600 customer Support agents)

(Forrester survey)

What is the difference between Chatbot and Virtual Agent?

A chatbot is one of the reasons for a high level of customer frustration. Why?

They give customers one-size-fits-all response to questions

They have NO understanding of customer sentiment

Lacks the ability to provide contextual answers

Complete inability to provide customers with contextual data from their account

Frequently requires support agent intervention

Why companies should consider Virtual Agent?

Continually improving customer service automation available 24/7 in 80+ languages

Provides contextual answers based on the customer's data

Understands customer sentiment in the chat

Lowers costs and gives support staff more time to devote to high-value customers

Reduces staff boredom and burnout

Our Virtual Agents become the first point of contact.

Our Virtual Agents will deal with surges in inquiries with ease.

Be where your customers are 24/7 across any messaging channel.

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