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AI increases revenue and reduces customer churn

Customers can manage billing questions, open claims and schedule technical appointments using AI

Customers can configure their bundles through your Virtual Agent

3 benefits of Telco Virtual Agents

Improving your customer satisfaction

Increasing revenue within few weeks

Reducing customer service costs

Leading to increased retention and Lifetime Value (LTV).

Reduce online dropout and promote up-sell and cross-sell at every opportunity.

This is done by reducing the calls in and automating end-to-end processes.

Simple Self Service through our Virtual Agent


                              of inbound traffic to your call center is focused on the same recurrent questions. We’ve built a Virtual Agent to help your customer support teams better manage customer inquiries.

24/7 cover

Multi-language support

Obtain new customer data points

Social Messaging (WhatsApp, Messenger) as a means of serving your customers

AI automation transforms Telcos



Trouble Shooting & Fault Reports

How Virtual Agent works to help your team

1,000 fault calls a day at roughly 20 minutes a call = 333 man-hours. In a 10 hour shift, that’s 33 of your team members answering fault queries a day.

Report a fault via the Virtual Agent on any channel – The customer confirms their number, and their authentication is also matched back to the CRM.

Troubleshooting via the Virtual Agent – reporting on anything from the line connection, broadband stability and location issues.

Further outcomes – If there is an additional troubleshoot and no fix is found, the Virtual Agent will escalate to a human, or schedule an appointment for the engineer.

Fully pre-integrated with your CRM and Provisioning Software

Our Virtual Agents become the first point of contact.

Our Virtual Agents will deal with surges in inquiries with ease.

Be where your customers are 24/7 across any messaging channel.

42% of customers will abandon an online transaction if their question is not addressed quickly

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